My First Raptors Game!

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I am at a sports #raptors #the6

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Last night, my co-worker took me to my first Raptors game. I have never been before! We were at a work event earlier in the evening so we made it in for 2nd quarter. Toronto was playing Atlanta and I spent some time looking for Drake of course.

Halfway through, I very genuinely asked why Atlanta’s logo was Pacman eating a dot.
I learned that it was a hawk, but I cannot unsee Pacman. The hawk is never the first thing my eye focuses on.

This dancing was also very confusing. I like the idea of integrating other cultures but this seems so strangely out of place. Apparently there are weirder things that happen sometimes like a lady balancing plates.

It was definitely an adventurous night and I had fun at my first basketball game. Since the Raptors scored 100 we got free pizza too!

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