The Most Dangerous Writing App

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Can you free write for a full 5 minutes? The Most Dangerous Writing App aims to help you do just that!

The concept of this app is that if you stop typing for more than five seconds, the entire thing will delete itself. If you erase stuff, it counts as you are wasting 5 seconds. So use the delete key sparingly.

It’s a frightening way to write. You can set it for 5, 10 minutes or even an hour. But who would torture themselves like that?

We all get writer’s block and this would be a useful tool to get everyone writing with less thinking. Often when we have unlimited amounts of time, we also have unlimited amounts of thoughts that lead self-editing, and less words on paper.

When I tried this app, 5 minutes seem like the longest amount of time ever. Every second is being counted down in the top right corner as you type. It’s legitimately insane. As five seconds near, the words become transparent, so it does have some warning that there has been some idleness in the production of words. Sometimes you just need to stop for a second.

I am currently taking the test by writing this article. This is scary. Will I make it to the end? If you ever see this published as a blog post than that is a confirmation that I have successfully made it to the end of 5 minutes. Oh my god I have 51 seconds to go. There are over 1330 words now in this document. The crazy part is that I actually can type 90 words per minute and am typing slower than normal just so I don’t run out of ideas. I type them faster than I can think of them and that is making this countdown clock even harder than it should be. I win. Yes. 5 Minutes have passed. Will you make it to the end of this writing test?

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