New Toy: Apple Watch


Over the weekend, I got my hands on a new toy! My very own Apple Watch. The box is so inconspicuous.


I opted for the stainless steel black Apple Watch with a black milanese loop. It’s a newer style that was introduced after last week’s Apple Event. Originally, I was going to get a new phone, but the iPhone SE felt uninspired. I thought that money would be better spent on a wearable instead and since I seem to have everything Apple, I went with the Apple Watch.

My family has Pebbles and they are a good value in terms of functionality and price. However, for me the one thing missing was always a more comprehensive ability to answer calls and texts. With the Apple Watch you can do both which is kind of like a 90s sci-fi lover’s dream come true.

I fell in love with some of the other functions upon using it. For instance, the Activity monitor will remind to stand up every 50 minutes if I’ve been sitting too much. I also like monitoring my heart rate with Heart Watch.

In addition, I spend less time unnecessarily checking my phone. I can read all texts quickly on the watch before deciding if I need to do any further actions. Quick replies are available as pre-populated messages or emojis. You can also dictate your replies, but I probably wouldn’t do that in public or I’d look silly.

I’ve still yet to discover the full potential of what my Apple Watch can do but I’m super excited about this new toy.

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