Mr. Tonkatsu

On my way home one night alone, I went into Mr. Tonkatsu for dinner. I ordered the Pork loin katsu set with soba. The soba came first with some pickled vegetables.


There was also a bowl a sesame seeds to squish for my tonkatsu sauce. My other food didn’t arrive for about 25 minutes which kind of sucked since I wanted to eat it with my soba but instead it had turned cold by the time the rest of the food arrived. I felt a little bit ignored because I was eating alone. The restaurant seems to have a lot of waiters just hanging around giggling to each other but only one cook.

The tonkatsu itself was very delicious. They use housemade breadcrumbs. The pork was nice and moist. It’s a shame that the service wasn’t up to par because it was enough to stop me from going back.

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