Maple Porter, Seagram Apple Cider, Hopsta La Vista


I had the pleasure of visiting the Summerhill LCBO, which is like the biggest LCBO I have ever seen. It even has a huge craft beer alcove dedicated to located craft beers. They even have growlers. I decided to pick up a few tall cans I had not seen anywhere else. First I tried the Maple Porter made with real Canadian maple syrup. It really lived by it’s name as there was a hint of maple in every sip. Fans of darker beer may enjoy this one for it’s sweetness. Not sure why I started the evening with this one as it is a heavy hitter.


Anyways, next was this Seagram apple cider. It was sweet and not dry.


I legitimately bought this India Pale Ale because it had a dude that looked like my friend’s face on it. It contained nice hops but was very smooth and light at the same time. It had sweet notes but also had a malty side.

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