Create Your Own Community

Over the past 6 years, there’s something more rewarding about blogging than all the free festivals, food and stuff that I’ve experience. It’s the community that I discovered online.

I’ve gained valuable friendships with people who I never thought would ever speak to me if I approached them in real life. I become frequently inspired by people who show up at real life meet-ups. That first walk through a door is always hard, but I’m always glad I had the courage to attend them.

I’ve never felt more in my own skin than I do in the past few years. What you see online, is what you get in real life too. I talk very openly about things I like: music, food and bizarre things. I also talk openly about more challenging things like anxiety and mental health. I have never felt more accepted in my life. I thank all my followers for always supporting me, reading, sharing and responding to my thoughts and going to the new events I host.

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