Vinyl Me Please – May 2016 Edition


Vinyl Me Please tops itself every month. This month is a special edition of Weezer’s Pinkerton in marble blue, with a pop-up interior. This one’s a classic, a record that every vinyl enthusiast should own at some point.


The interior gatefold had gorgeous pop-up art and a lyric sheet. I can’t stop looking at that beautiful LP!


This month also features an original 12 x 12 art print from Fuco Ueda. For the second month in a row, I was also the lucky receiver of a secret 7″. Spoiler alert: It’s Whitney’s Golden Days/Light Upon The Lake. 

With the Canadian dollar kind of sucking, the subscription is a bit pricey for a Canadian but it’s a secret pleasure that I don’t regret indulging in because it always cheers me up to open one of these packages up.

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