A Cautionary Tale

To celebrate surviving some crazy weeks, I decided to head to my local ice creamery for a treat. I loaded up two scoops on a sugar cone. Being me of course, I just HAD to take a Snapchat of my treat.

However, in not paying attention to physics and trying to get the prettiest angle, I accidentally tipped the entire thing too much to the side and this happened:

I dropped my entire ice cream on the ground. I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry or stare at the cashier in horror. Dropping your ice cream on the ground right after you bought it is literally the saddest/most movie-like moment you could possibly have.

Luckily, the lady at Lansdowne Cone was nice enough to offer me two new scoops and gave it to me in a cup so that I would not drop it again. I thanked her and as my face flushed red quickly exited. Tales like this are hilarious once I think back and look at them. Not too long ago I would have probably just cried at the clutz I was. Now, I just turn them around into funny stories and can laugh at myself. Social media helps with that because people seem to really enjoy self-deprecating humour, particularly ones that genuinely happen (though in this case it also caused the problem). I’m not so hard on myself anymore.

Today I went to get ice cream again and this time I was more aware at how I was holding my ice cream and success! THERE YOU GO AN INSTAGRAM:

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Didn't drop it today!

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