Reusable Pads



It’s super weird to post about menstrual pads but I recently bought these adorable reusable ones on Amazon and thought I had to share my experience with them in case other girls were curious about saving the environment and alternatives to disposable products.

I use a diva cup and for safety I was still using a pantyliner (mostly because I’m OCD and sometimes I never know when meetings will end). Liners are still wasteful, so I looked for other options and landed on these reusable charcoal bamboo pads. 6 are around $32 and come in a variety of designs. I just told the seller to send me any random 6 designs, but you can choose from over 20 patterns. There are also different absorbency types but I only needed something light.

They are super soft and have a button-snap to create a wing-like effect. I wish there was more than one button though because sometimes it can slight/bunch a bit. However, that one little drawback is outweighed by the comfort factor. I’d much rather wear these than disposable pads. They also seem to absorb a ton even though these ones are specifically for light days and have less odour.

They are super easy to clean. I tend to rinse them in the sink at night and then throw them in the wash the next time I do laundry and they look good as new. They dry super fast so you really don’t need any more than 6.

I don’t think I could ever go back to disposable products again!



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