Mini Block Dragonite


I found this mini Dragonite at Mr Pen. I think it may be by the same makers as the mini 7-Eleven I built. It’s very similar in quality to the official nanoblock Eevee that is also in my collection.


The blocks are small and the same size as all the other micro-sets I own. There are plenty of extra pieces in case one got lost.


What I found slightly confusing with this particular set of instructions was that only the current steps blocks were coloured, so you couldn’t really compare it to the layer below. This one was a bit delicate and I broke the wing a couple of times while trying to build it.


Rawr. Look at how adorable he is when built! I was surprised the wings didn’t tip him backwards due to weight.


I guess his giant chibi head helps! I hope next time I visit the store they have Pikachu.



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