Comfort Food @ 120 Diner

Last week, I was invited to 120 Diner for some food and music. The restaurant is related to Club 120 which is also owned by Mandy Goodhandy and Todd Klinck. The restaurant used to be a Spring Rolls but now is a complimentary entertainment spot to their club.


The restaurant has live music every night, employing a pass the bucket for their performances, which can be slightly awkward if you just want to come here to eat. However everybody there when we went was definitely in it for the entertainment! We were treated to a performance by singer-songwriter Genevieve Marentette. My favourite part was when she improvised a song with written suggestions from the audience.


The menu is comfort food and even has a whole section for nachos and poutine. I ordered the 120 Grilled Cheese burger: 3 cheeses on a bun stuffed with a 6 oz. beef patty, with spicy chili mayo with some sweet potato fries. The burger was juicy and the cheese was a melty heaven. I really enjoyed the fries also. They were nice and crunchy and lightly salted.


Nash opted for the Meatloaf & Mac. I stole some bites and the meatloaf was flavourful and moist and the mac and cheese went strangely well with it!


To drink I had the Grey Goose Peach Mojito which was super refreshing and served with a fuzzy peach.


Nash had a Shiny Apple Cider, which they actually have on draft!


For dessert we shared Mason’s Banana Pudding that was homemade bourbon caramel sauce and whipped cream with bananas. We licked it all up!

We left 120 Diner with our tummies stuffed and full of satisfying food and livened by music!

This meal was complimentary of 120 Diner but views are my own. 
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It’s a long weekend and I’m finally going to take the time to take care of myself for a bit. I feel like I’ve had a lot of mental stresses lately and I can feel myself wanting to snap at times. I also have this strange muscle tension at the back of my head/neck.

It’s busy season in every part of my life so I need some time to recharge, whether it’s cuddle with the dog, take some thoughtful walks, do absolutely nothing or more importantly: sleep.

I’ve been recording it and I haven’t been sleeping as much as I should lately. I keep staying up anxiously trying to be productive. I like to spend every conscious minute being “busy”, answering (staring) at e-mails, nodding off to books, daydreaming at empty blog post screens.

It’s stupid but I actually have to teach myself to let go, be a little lazy. Sleep. Play.

CMW Catchup!

My CMW photosets are done and you can catch them on Ride the Tempo here!. Now on to planning the next show.

SHANY Lipstick


As a daily browser of Amazon, I discover a lot of new brands I haven’t heard of before. One of these is Shany, the same company that I recent ordered makeup brushes from. The quality of those were amazing for the price so I looked at some other things on their line. I decided to order their set of 12 Slick & Shine Lipstick.


Inside the box there are 12 elegant black tubes with the lip stick colours. I love things with simple design and I think they did well in this area!


There are a variety of vivid colours. They are smooth and super easy to apply without doing anything else (I don’t really use liner). A few of the colours may be a little strange but life hack: lipstick can also be used to add colour to other places on your face (cheeks, eyes, dark circles etc). I’ll find uses for the colours I don’t use on my lips for sure.


There was this slightly weird envelope in my package encouraging a good review in return for more free product. Disclaimer: I didn’t do this and views are my own. The free gift (perfume, which I’m allergic to) wasn’t really worth it and I think they could get good reviews on their own!




Vermicelli @ Bac Ky Vietnamese Canteen

Before the Prism Prize on Saturday, I went to Bac Ky Vietnamese Canteen for dinner. It’s located on King West so I expected the price to be more expensive than traditional Viet restaurants. Their menu is relatively small, but everything is customizable with add-ons.

I ordered the Bun with pork slice because I was in a vermicelli mood. It came with pickled carrots/daikon, salad and of course fish sauce. It was well-balanced flavourwise and there was a decent portion size and right amount of everything. However, at $10.80 it is still in the higher end price-wise compared to similar restaurants in Toronto. You’re definitely paying for the trendiness here.


I also tried the matcha mango shake which was refreshing and healthy!

Bac Ky Vietnamese Canteen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Reusable Pads



It’s super weird to post about menstrual pads but I recently bought these adorable reusable ones on Amazon and thought I had to share my experience with them in case other girls were curious about saving the environment and alternatives to disposable products.

I use a diva cup and for safety I was still using a pantyliner (mostly because I’m OCD and sometimes I never know when meetings will end). Liners are still wasteful, so I looked for other options and landed on these reusable charcoal bamboo pads. 6 are around $32 and come in a variety of designs. I just told the seller to send me any random 6 designs, but you can choose from over 20 patterns. There are also different absorbency types but I only needed something light.

They are super soft and have a button-snap to create a wing-like effect. I wish there was more than one button though because sometimes it can slight/bunch a bit. However, that one little drawback is outweighed by the comfort factor. I’d much rather wear these than disposable pads. They also seem to absorb a ton even though these ones are specifically for light days and have less odour.

They are super easy to clean. I tend to rinse them in the sink at night and then throw them in the wash the next time I do laundry and they look good as new. They dry super fast so you really don’t need any more than 6.

I don’t think I could ever go back to disposable products again!



Chillin at the Prism Prize 

No time to blog tonight! But here is a random photo of me sharing a nail moment at Prism Prize with Harrison.

A Cautionary Tale

To celebrate surviving some crazy weeks, I decided to head to my local ice creamery for a treat. I loaded up two scoops on a sugar cone. Being me of course, I just HAD to take a Snapchat of my treat.

However, in not paying attention to physics and trying to get the prettiest angle, I accidentally tipped the entire thing too much to the side and this happened:

I dropped my entire ice cream on the ground. I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry or stare at the cashier in horror. Dropping your ice cream on the ground right after you bought it is literally the saddest/most movie-like moment you could possibly have.

Luckily, the lady at Lansdowne Cone was nice enough to offer me two new scoops and gave it to me in a cup so that I would not drop it again. I thanked her and as my face flushed red quickly exited. Tales like this are hilarious once I think back and look at them. Not too long ago I would have probably just cried at the clutz I was. Now, I just turn them around into funny stories and can laugh at myself. Social media helps with that because people seem to really enjoy self-deprecating humour, particularly ones that genuinely happen (though in this case it also caused the problem). I’m not so hard on myself anymore.

Today I went to get ice cream again and this time I was more aware at how I was holding my ice cream and success! THERE YOU GO AN INSTAGRAM:

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Didn't drop it today!

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Get to Zero

Today marks one year since my cousin made Get to Zero, a free smartphone puzzle available for iOS, Android and starting today, Amazon. It’s a very addictive game for those who like math, and easy games on the go.

New Camera Purse!


My old camera purse is starting to die so I ordered a new one. I fell in love with Johansen camera bags when I bought my camera backpack, so I thought I’d get my purse from there too.


The Allison camera bag in butterscotch was a reasonable price ($89 USD) and arrived quickly with their lovely cloth bag.


I have a shoulder bag that I use for when I’m on the go, but that one a little too small at times. This bag can hold a camera, lens, and has pockets for extra things too.


Of course, the bonus is that it is extra adorable as well and doesn’t give away the fact I’m carrying a camera! Off to shoot some more photos.