Craft Brews: Grow a Pear, Lemon Tea Beer, Hopping Mad, Peach Mead

I love trying craft brews, especially the ones with awesome packaging and branding. Here are a few that I picked up recently.


Grow A Tree pear cider from Double Tree brewing. This one was sweet but had a tartness that made it stand out from other pear ciders which are usually way too sweet.


This Mill Street Lemon Tea Beer was smoother than regular beer but I honestly couldn’t really taste the lemon in it.


Central City’s Hopping Mad Cider Radler was an cool blend of apple and grapefruit. It was kind of like fruit punch and went down super easy.


I bought this Peach Mead for Nash by The Trafalgar Club. If you want to feel a buzz this thing is like 8.5%. It’s a beautiful blend of honey and peach and recommended you drink this one chilled.

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