NXNE Eats & Stuffs

Last weekend, I was at NXNE. It’s a festival I’ve been going to since before I was even old enough to go to shows.

I used to volunteer and used to think it was some of the best times ever hopping between clubs to see bands. This year it wasn’t like that.DSCF1154

There were very few club shows and they also introduced a 2 day festival within a festival that happened near Port Lands in a gigantic (an understatement) parking lot. 30 degree weather made it kind of unbearable but I still found ways to enjoy my time, including finding a photo booth of course!


There wasn’t too much in terms of food but I did have 3 tacos from La Catrina food truck.  They had a 3 taco combo for $12. I picked pork, chicken and fish. I liked the filing but I thought the taco could use some toasting.


The other place I ate at was a BBQ stand beside the Texas Tourism sponsors.


I had this delicious chopped brisket sandwich. They literally chopped a slab of meat right in front of me and slathered it in BBQ sauce. Can’t go wrong with brisket!

That was most of my eating at that festival. There wasn’t a huge selection of food choices (the first day only had 3) and I had tried most of the other selections. Onto eat the next thing!


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