Beoplay H2 Headphones


I fell in love with these BeoPlay H2 by Bang & Olufsen when I saw them online.


The packaging was beautiful. There were a bunch of cute directions like “Pull me” “Lift Up” etc.


The design of these headphones are so simple and elegant.


I ordered mine in Shaded Rosa. The headphones are decorated with pink cloth accents and come with a pink cord.


The ear pads are made out of a luxurious feeling lamb skin.


They are also decorated with giant L and R so I’ll never forget which side is which.


The headphones adapt to the size of your head as you wear them. I was a bit afraid that my head would be too big (a comment that often comes up in reviews) but I have a gigantic head and don’t feel uncomfortable at all! There’s also an inline remote and volume control that work great on my iPhone and my MacBook Air.


I’m super impressed by the quality of these earphones. The sound is warm and I can hear a lot of detail in the trebles which I find is something that is usually lacking in more bass heavy stuff on the market.

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