At SappyFest!

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All our first @sappyfest

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I’m currently in Sackville, New Brunswick for SappyFest! My best friend drove up here with her newborn yesterday so we all got to experience the festival for the first time!


Hillside Photos: Sunday

Lastly, here are some favourites from Sunday at Hillside! You can view the full gallery here.

DSCF2137 IMG_7355 IMG_7473 IMG_7504

Hillside Photos: Saturday

Here are favourites from Saturday at Hillside Festival. Check out he full gallery here.

DSCF1968 IMG_7228 IMG_7107 IMG_6999


Hillside Photos: Friday

Here are some of my favourite photos from Friday at Hillside Festival. Check out he full gallery here.

DSCF1932 IMG_6571 IMG_6721

What I Ate At Hillside

Hillside was full of so many local eats. Here’s what I ate over the weekend.


Flying Chesnut Kitchen had a dozen oysters for $20 so I had 2 dozen on the weekend. They were PEI oysters and super fresh.


Of course you can’t visit Flying Chesnut without having an Indian Taco! They even had breakfast ones in the morning with sausage and eggs.


Rodolfo’s Rebel Foods had a chimichanga platter with salad and nachos!


Delicious liquid chocolate was available at ChocoSol. It was served cold to cool patrons off from the hot weather.


Two Men and a Grill had bahn mi sandwiches that used kimchi as the pickled vegetables.


I bought this random giant pickle from a guy selling giant pickles.


I couldn’t resist getting a grilled corn at Sausage Brothers.


The ChocoSol stand also had delicious tamales topped with fresh vegetables and roasted pumpkin seeds.


Cashew chicken, mango salad and rice from LemonGrass Thai Food.


Lastly, I couldn’t resist getting a full order of nachos from Rodolfo’s.

Now a few more days until I eat the next festival away!

New Glasses!


I haven’t worn glasses in years, which is strange because in grade 5 I would have trouble seeing the chalkboard. Then one day in high school, I decided not to wear them or I lost them (I honestly don’t know why I stopped wearing glasses) and the rest seems to be history.

Weirdly, my eyes seems to have improved. I had my eyes checked and my prescription has actually gone down! I didn’t think that was a thing that was possible. Maybe I ate too many carrots or something.

Anyways, I bought myself a new pair of glasses with my prescription and I think I look 10 years older in them.


Slept The Day Away


We got back from Hillside today and I was so exhausted I took a nap that lasted 7 hours! I felt like I slept the day away, but I needed it. Back to work tomorrow and Sappy Fest for the weekend!

Stay tuned for photos from Hillside.


Happy Hillside!

I don’t know if there is some tradition but everyone here says “Happy Hillside” to everyone else!

It’s almost like the beginning of a scary movie except not! It’s so welcoming. I’m currently at the last night so catch up with you soon. 

We’re at Hillside 

We’re at Hillside this weekend. There’s no Pokemon Go here but we are having a blast checking out music and getting to chill in the lake. If you are here too come say hi! 

I Once Got Lost In Square One

This is not Square one haha. This is a photo with my back facing it.

It’s amazing how places change in your life time. I grew up in Mississauga and I saw the evolution of Square One. I always thought it was a giant mall, but now it’s like a fancy maze that would take you the whole day to walk through.

When I was 5, I got lost in Square one. I had just acquired a box of pink and purple nerds from a store that was kind of like Biway and was very distracted by reading it. I didn’t get cool candy a lot as a child so it was an exciting occasion.

I looked up from the box to realize that everyone was gone. I had just started school but I was smart enough to find the help desk and very incorrectly tell them my address because I told them I lived on some highway.

Anyway, eventually I found my parents because they made an intercom announcement about a lost child. I don’t know why but this memory still is very vivid in my mind. It was a scary experience back then but it must be insane to get lost in current state of the mall.

Do you have any funny stories about getting lost as a child?