Celebrity Hotpot


Last weekend, I went to Celebrity Hotpot with a friend.  It was All You Can Eat style for around $21. The menu for ordering wasn’t as vast as Morals, but had all the basics: beef, lamb, pork, tendons, meatballs etc. There were also a variety of noodles, seafood (some cost extra).

I really enjoyed the two broths we chose: winter-melon and drunken chicken. The flavours of both actually made their way into the ingredients we put in the pot.

There was a serve yourself section that held a wide variety of sauces, green onions, eggs and also soy milk, iced tea and plum juice that were included in the price of the meal. I had quite a few glasses of the honey iced tea. It was refreshing.

The two of us ordered way too much food but they didn’t charge extra. We went home full and satisfied with this hotpot spot.
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I Roasted A Duck!


I buy a lot of my ingredients on sale. Sometimes I buy ingredients I don’t even know how to cook yet because they are on sale. Last week I bought a duck.

I never roasted a duck before but I found the easiest recipe ever on All Recipes. It involved rubbing salt, pepper and paprika and then pouring hot butter on it at different intervals. The duck turned out perfect and the skin was delicious.

Now that I can cook a simple version of duck, the next step is learning the Chinese Peking Duck!

What I Ate at Camp Wavelength


I almost forgot to post about the yummy goodies I had at Camp Wavelength. This year they expanded their food choices a bit so there was more than just burgers.


Of course I couldn’t resist getting some delicious popsicles from The Pop Stand.


I had so many I can’t remember the flavours of all of them!

DSCF2490Pulled Pork tacos from Monarch Tavern


Food Dude’s signature grilled cheese: soft brie, cheddar cheese, brioche, compound butter, FD smoked tomato ketchup, grana panada snow


Maple bacon donuts from Sugar Mama’s 


Ribs & pasts from Monarch Tavern


Spicey Caesar (only available Sunday)


Burger from Monarch Tavern


Mini Block Bulbasaur


I found this adorable tiny block Bulbasaur at Mr. Pen in Toronto.


I found this one easier to build than the other tiny block sets I’ve purchased. There were even pieces to build a Pokeball included.


Look at that tiny Bulbasaur.


And Pokeball.


This was one of my favourite yet. I hope to find a Pikachu set some day!

I Got Hit By A Bike

Thursday after work heavy rain set the pathetic fallacy of the evening. I had a long commute home waiting for a bus with hundreds of others who had also forgotten to think ahead and carry an umbrella.

Finally the bus would let me off at the stop closest to home and out in the pouring rain I was for what was supposed to be 5 minutes. I hit the button at the pedestrian crosswalk and all the cars on either side at stopped. I started walking and as I hit the second lane a zooming bike hit me and I fell on my back and elbows.

“I brakes didn’t work,” said the blonde who girl who had flown off her blue bike.

I thought this was kind of a dumb answer considering it’s raining quite heavily by now and biking in the middle lane would put both the rider and others in danger.

Too embarrassed to remain on the scene (the full bus I just got off was still there), I ran the 5 minutes home in the rain. I didn’t notice my left elbow was badly bleeding until half way home. I hyperventilated a little in the washroom until Nash came to calm me down and bandage me up. In the end I only suffered with a scraped and a few sore joints (mostly my tailbone and legs). No broken bones as far as I know and I’m thankful that it wasn’t much worse.

I felt like I had to write about this to tell people to be more careful. I double check to makes sure bikes are coming to a complete stop or far enough before crossing the roads. It was a little bit of a traumatic experience that I get anxious every time bikes are close to me when I’m walking down the street. If you’re a biker, please pay attention pedestrians, especially those at designated crosswalks. And if your bike is broken, take it into the shop!

Camp Wavelength Day 3 Photos

Lastly, here are a few Camp Wavelength day 3 photos! You can view the whole set here.




Camp Wavelength Day 2 Photos!

Here are some favourites my Camp Wavelength Day 2. See the full gallery here.



Camp Wavelength Day 1 Photos

I was at Camp Wavelength last weekend and here are a few of my favourite photos from Day 1! Full gallery available on Ride the Tempo.




Remember to Chill

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Stole @kawaiiathy's airbag chair thing at #campwl

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I’ve had such a busy summer and it’s not going to stop until at least October! I have to remember to let myself have the days off once in a while to stay sane, hang out with friends and do some non-music related things. It’s very important to add some variation in your from just work work work!

I still have many photos to edit but going to take the night off because I need it.

Longform Journalism is Still Interesting

I read the most gripping news story last night and it was written by Buzzfeed.

As we morn the death of Gawker, it’s important to realize that journalism (especially alternative journalism) is still important. We’re living in a world where the person with the highest pocketbooks get to dictate the message.

The younger generations have created sites like Buzzfeed, Vice etc to share the important stories, while also monetizing the site effectively with memes and lists. Both have their share of cringe-worthy posts but they are also delivering pieces that wouldn’t have been written or discussed anywhere else in the same way. They’re asking the tough questions and challenging what is not being said elsewhere.

But still it’s scary that someone could maybe come along and decide their fate.