Random Photos From Sackville


I’m already missing the East coast! It was so relaxing to be away from a busy city. Our first day there, my friend took us to cottages near Shediac, NB.


There we visited local shop Tony’s for pizza and icecream.


I was too excited to realize my photo of Donair pizza was blurry. I could eat Donairs for every meal!

DSCF2144I had a giant scoop of cookie dough ice cream.


In Sackville for Sappyfest, I stayed at Mount Allison University dorms. It reminded me of when I was a student in Toronto. The dorms were nice and clean.


My best friend also came up for a visit on the Saturday with her newborn baby.


We had classic burgers at Mel’s Tea Room, a place that has been there for over 97 years.


This darling thought her foot was just as delicious.


Isn’t she so cute?


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