What I ate at TIME Festival 2016


Yesterday was super hot but I still kicked myself out of the house and went to TIME Festival. Luckily, I found this Chill booth and had some pink lemonade.


I arrived super hungry for lunch and hit up the Street Bistro truck, one I haven’t previously been at!


For $10, I ordered two fish tacos. Although they were tasty, I thought the portions were too small for the price. It was like two bites of food!


All day I was tempted by the smell of this BBQ stand so I couldn’t resist an early dinner.


For $11, the portions were much larger than the tacos. I received a chicken thigh, rice, beans and salad. This was definitely worth the festival price. Not to mention the chicken was juicy and delicious.

By now, I have eaten almost all the food trucks at festivals but I’ll continue to be on the lookout for more and let you guys know if they are worth the price!

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