What I Ate At FME

I can’t go to a music festival and not talk about what I ate there, so here we are with some of the stuff I had in Rouyn. It was amazing how well-taken care of we were by the festival. A few of these things were free.
The moment we arrived through the front gates of the festival, chunks of meat were seen BBQing on this thing. It was served to all media and industry!

Yum, free roasted meat, potato, pasta and veggies!

This signature FME drink had blue curacao and tasted like blue freezie. Warning: may cause hangovers.

An FME experience isn’t complete without experiencing Chez Morasse once (or 4 times). It was recommend you stick with the regular poutine, though my friend liked the À Tibi poutine with beef and green onions he ordered by accident.

dscf2853We were greeted each morning with a classic continental breakfast from our Hôtel Albert that was key to sustaining myself for the day.

Mmmm bourbon lemonade from Bonsound. I might have had more than a couple of these.

They also had a BBQ corn station with fancy spicy or basil butter you could roll your corn in. It was worth getting corn stuck in your teeth in front of people.

dscf2871Our hotel gave us these coupons for a place called Pizzadelic that we couldn’t seem to find until we realized it changed it’s name to Pizzé, a place which was literally right beside the hotel. I think Pizzadelic is a cooler name but maybe people don’t get it in French or something.

On the plus side, a fancy pizza place means I can order this summery mimosa with my pizza. It was literally called a Summer Mimosa, I don’t really know what’s in it, except a cherry.

I ordered the Di Rucco pizza with tomato prosciutto, boccocini, mozzarella, rapini and a balsamic vinaigrette. I liked all the fresh ingredients and the flavour of the balsamic really went well with it. The crust had just the right amount of crunch.

dscf3148On Saturday, we went to this crazy party for industry that literally had like piles of food. There was a pile of roasted brisket, pile of salad, potatos, salmon, eggplant. It was the first time I went to a party where the food was served in piles.

I created my own pile on my plate! Hah.

On Sunday I took a walk thinking I could explore the town and totally forgetting that everything closes on Sunday because it is very Catholic in Quebec. Sadly, two of the candy stores I wanted to visit were closed. Instead, I went to a random convenient store in search of local soda and found this Bec Cola. It was very interesting because it was flavoured with maple syrup which blended with the cranberry flavour that I chose. It was refreshing for my walk around town.

dscf3179Luckily, restaurants were open and I visited Le Saint-Exupéry, a Petit Prince themed café. My friend ordered a “Grilled Cheese du Business Man”, pictured above.

I can’t resist Benny’s at brunch so I went for “Le Concept” which had a swiss cheese infused sauce and potatos on the side.

dscf3182Le Gisement was the only candy store that was open because it was also a bistro.

Look at all those chocolate!

To avoid breaking my wallet, I chose 6: almond white chocolate thing, caramel, mocha, hazelnut and some things I ate too fast to remember.

On our final night I noticed that Chez Morasse also had ice cream so I had some Ferrero Rocher gelato.


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