The Day My Toilet Exploded


On Friday, after a long day at a music festival, I showered and sat in bed on my computer like every night, relaxing.

Then all of a sudden, I heard a sudden splash of water and it didn’t stop. I quickly ran to the washroom to find that the pipe delivering fresh water to the toilet, came out. Water was continuously pouring at high speed out of this pipe.

Anxiety struck me and I froze for a second. I couldn’t find the strength to use the knob to turn off the water. I’m not sure if I didn’t try hard enough or that I physically couldn’t do it. Anyway, I had the somewhat bright idea to aim the spewing hose in the direction of the shower to minimize the flooding it was doing to my entire bachelor apartment.

Crap! I thought as I didn’t have my phone with me or my Apple Watch (as I had taken it off for bed). I had to let go of the pipes to fetch it. I then called Nash frantically but there wasn’t much he could do since he was out. So I did what my mind thought was best. I called 911.

Every time I tell someone this story, they think it’s funny when I get to this point. I even asked the operator if I had called the right number after explaining my situation and she redirected me to the fire department.

The trucks arrived at my building after a couple of minutes but the firefighters forgot or couldn’t find my unit. I once again let go of the water pipe (resulting in more flooding) to run into the hallways (like a crazy soaked lady) to go find them.

I pointed at my crazy spewing toilet and the firefighters turned it off within seconds. Then they proceed to mop my floors. I am very thankful that they did. I honestly thought someone would just come turn off the water and I would be left with the lake on my floor. That was my greatest panic and fear when I first saw the water.

I now have a new toilet, and the pipe seems safely attached but I will never view plumbing the same way again. Adulthood is hard but sometimes traumatic experiences make funny stories a few days later.


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