What I Ate At TURF 2016

Now that TURF post you’ve all been waiting for! Here’s what I ate at the festival.


Delight fries from Delight Bite. It was fries with mayo and oregano. It was super simple but pretty good.


Mango peach fish tacos from 50 Pesos. This was definitely my favourite new eat of the weekend. The fish was perfectly fried and there was a perfect combination of sweetness and textures.


I really wanted to like this Apple Pie Waffle from Sweet Teeth Vegan, but I thought the lack of egg made the waffle kind of lifeless. The toppings helped saved it though as the candied apples, nuts and vegan soft serve were actually delicious.


This Jerk Chicken Mango Salad from Come and Get It was light and refreshing to have in between fried meals.


Smoothe Operator refreshed me with a lemonade.


So did this Cucumber, lime, mint grapefruit popsicle from my favourite place The Pop Stand.


Mill Street and Hop City Brewing had a free samples station on site.


Of course I couldn’t resist Indian Tacos from The Flying Chestnut Kitchen at every festival.


Chocolate & Vanilla cannolis from Holy Cannoli were a must eat.


I also tried a Guinness Gingerbread popsicle from The Pop Stand.


Iroquois Kettle Corn’s white cheddar flavour was highly addictive.


This fried shrimp and fries combo from Mustache Burger was a bit too much fried stuff in one go.

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