The Basil Box

Recently as an impromptu gathering, I made a bunch of friends go to The Basil Box because we figured we could just grab a giant table without any reservations.

I actually thought the cuisine was Thai (and would compete with the Salad King nearby) however, upon further inspection it is closer to Vietnamese food. The concept is simple, you choose your base: salad, rice, noodles etc, then protein and toppings. It was all very quick and served in less than 5 minutes at the ordering table. I had shrimp noodles with edamame, sweet potato in a Penang curry sauce.

I found that it lacked a bit of flavour. Not sure if it’s because they are trying to serve healthy portions but I could’ve used a lot more curry sauce! I ended up with too many noodles that were flavourless.

They had an interesting variety of sodas though and I got a Mash Grapefruit Citrus Zing.

I don’t think I’d necessarily go back here again. At the price range, I would rather go to Salad King!
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