Barrio Cerveceria


Recently, I went to Barrio Cerveceria, a Mexican restaurant in Leslieville with a friend.

We began with an order of Ole Ole Guacomole. The guacamole was decent. I think it was supposed to have pico de gallo but I didn’t really see any.


Next we had the Hole Mole!, a tuna tostada made of tuna tartare, butter lettuce, beans pureé, mole sauce, crema, cotija cheese on a baked tostada. I found that the mole and cheese overwhelmed the fish. There was also a slightly weird flavour in it.


We shared an order of Mexican Street corn in a cob with spiced mayo, cotija cheese and scallions. I can’t resist a grilled corn and this one was full of flavour.


The El Cartel shrimp ceviche had a cucumber broth with coriander pickled tomatillo and pickled red onion. It was a very interesting combination of flavours.


My favourite was the Marinero, Marinero cod ceviche with mango sauce, pico de gallo, anise-hibiscus flower, inferno salsa and coriander. I loved the presentation with the mango sitting on top of the inferno sauce. One sauce calmed the other and added a nice tart sweetness.


I washed the food down with Smoked Margarita.


For desert I had the Pastel de Reyes made with corn bread tres leches, carmelized banana, chocolate ice cream and mint. There were also fresh berries. This was a beautifully delicious dessert that didn’t last long!

I thought the dishes here had hits and misses but it was worth coming here for the dessert and cod ceviche.
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Dog Therapy

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Best fluffball #dogsofinstragram

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This week I was having a major anxiety attack and couldn’t focus much on life. I decided to go home (to my parent’s) and spend some quality time with Teddy. Cuddling with a dog really helped calm me down.

Now I’m doing some very necessary blogging and work I was behind on!


Last weekend, I purchased this Pikachu costume from Teddy that is a bit too small..

Here are some hilarious photos of him looking miserable in it. He hates clothes.




Burgatory Birthday


For Nash’s annual burger birthday we checked out Burgatory which is located at the former home of Hey Meatball!

I ordered the Envy Burger which had fried egg, tomato jam, guacomole, tortilla chips. It was not too heavy and I loved the tomato jam.


Nash had the Wrath Burger: Hell Sauce (homemade roasted poblano and chili de arbol sauce), pickled jalapeño, red onion, lettuce, tomato and havarti.


I couldn’t resist getting the truffle oil and parmesan fries. They handled the truffle oil delicately so it perfectly balanced the parmesan for an addictive side.


They had homemade sodas. Nash had a cherry coke.


I had a delicious grape and ginger soda.

We enjoyed our burgers and Burgatory. I think we grew up from the ridiculously gluttonous burgers and now just appreciate the ones with a great flavour profile.

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iPhone 7 Plus Gameboy Case


I was carrying my iPhone 7 Plus around naked for a few days but my case finally arrived. eBay will forever be the best place to get the coolest cases for under $5.

Check this one out! It is a clear Gameboy case so it effectively uses the Rose Gold as the colour of the Gameboy!

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Yay phone case finally came #gameboy

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I think it fits me perfectly!



I’m having a weird day where everything is trigger an internal panic attack. Right now, I don’t know if sitting at home is better. I can’t find my mail key and probably won’t stop frantically looking if I stay here. I spilled a trail of coffee down the hallway this morning. A bug scared the hell out of me in my apartment.

Tiny things add up and although sometimes I value the alone time to cry, or relax or whatever, going out has it’s values of forgetting the dumb things that I am currently anxious about.

So off I go to a Simpsons Halloween marathon and a concert!

Estée Lalonde #ECSTYLESEARCH Wrap Party


My friend Melody is a fan of beauty blogger and Youtuber Estée Lalonde and I went with her to a launch party for her book Bloom. I had not actually heard of Lalonde, but I love makeup.

When I heard Lalonde speak and answer questions during her presentation I was very impressed by her down to earth personality. I connected with her right away when she talked about anxiety and how blogging had helped her overcome some of those feelings. I actually told Lalonde when she signed my book that I was new to her channel but felt moved by her speech.


The party had a bunch of make up stations and also a photo booth for taking faux magazine covers!


Along with the book, we left with a whole bunch of swag!

I can’t wait to use that Smashbox primer.

A Lovely Night At Mistura


Last Monday, a group of bloggers and I were invited to dine at Mistura on Davenport. The owner Paolo Paolini dined with us and told us wonderful tales of his many years in the restaurant industry.

He was the original founder of Splendido, a benchmark restaurant in Toronto. Mistura opened in 1997. That is almost 20 years of existence! I don’t know many restaurants in Toronto have that lasted so long. It seems like most places rarely last 5 years nowadays.


We were welcomed with pre-dinner snacks of homemade charcuterie made by head chef Klaus Rohrich.


There was also crostini with eggplant and fresh herbs.


And another of Warm mushroom and gorgonzola.


I’m always unsure about pâté, but their Duck Liver Pâté & Mostarda was to die for. It was not heavy, and had a gentle sweetness. I could’ve had many of these if I didn’t have a full meal up ahead.


Last but not least (of the small bites) were these Crispy Gulf Shrimp and Cantaloupe Trusses. There was a hint of orange juice in the melon that helped it not overpower the shrimp. I loved delicate attention to flavour and textures throughout the meal.


Throughout the night we were treated to Prosecco and fine wines.


dscf4034There was table side bread and dip with various kinds including Calabrese, Focaccia and flatbread.

dscf4040The real dinner started with a gorgeous Sweet Corn Soup with roasted onion & crab salsa, corn croutons and crème fraîche on top. The soup itself had no cream but the corn was blended to a smooth silky texture. Paolini likes to focus on seasonal ingredients with an Italian influence of flavours. Corn may not be that popular in Italy, but the love and care they put into the soup really showed the influences of Italian cooking.


Our next antipasti was a this trio of Balsamic Glazed Lamb Ribs, Crispy Artichokes and Wile Board Agnolotti.


The Crispy Artichoke was fried to perfection, with each individual leaf coated with just the right amount of breading and blooming like a flower. It was not heavy and served with a gribiche of fresh herbs, gherkin, caper and boiled egg. People at our table said this was better than the ones they had in Greece!


The Balsamic Glazed Lamb Ribs were marinated for 3 days and slow cooked for many hours. They were fall off the bone and melted in my mouth. I wish I had an entire rack of them. It also came with a vegetable that had a bit of mint yogurt on it.


The last thing was an Agnolotti (like a ravioli) with wild board. On top was the delicious jus used for roasting, dried cherries and wilted greens.


The main course was a taste of two different things. On the left we had the a pan-seared Branzino with lemon scented bean salad, manila clams and olive oil poached cherry tomatoes.

The second was a Boneless Free Range Chicken with squash caponata, chesnut purée, roasted onions and sautéed spinach. There was also a fried piece of chicken skin.

I love how each individual ingredient is treated with care. Nothing felt like an afterthought. The fish and chicken was perfectly cooked. The vegetables each had their own flavour whether it was the hint of lemon, or the juiciness of the oil poached tomatoes.


Not entirely sure how I had room for dessert but how could I resist this Vanilla Panna Cotta with berries, strawberry meringue crumble and a crispy sugar tuille. This was to die for!

Dessert also came with a small glass of Vieni Dolce Piccante Graspa made in Beamsville, Ontario. It had a hint of chili but also a sweetness that made it less harsh than other “grappa” I have tried.

It was the perfect ending to a superb meal at Mistura.

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iPhone 7 Plus Unboxing


I retired my iPhone 5S this weekend in favour of the new iPhone 7 Plus. Why Apple again? Well the answer is simple, I have the rest of the ecosystem and the devices work magically together and it is personally what is best for me. 


I bought the Rose Gold 256gb phone. I broke my FIIO X1 mp3 player(which I loved) a few months ago by spilling a bottle of water on it and thought that I’d finally give into using my phone as an mp3 player. Plus, this thing is water resistant and it makes commuting less awkward without 10,000 different devices.


The phone comes with the lightning charger, and also the new wired lightning earphones.


It also comes with the controversial dongle that allows you to plug other wired headphones into the jack.


I love the colour and shape of the new phone. I’m still waiting on a case I ordered online to come so for the time being it’s naked. I’m less OCD about scratches than I used to be.

The camera is stellar and so is the battery (in comparison to older iPhones). The size is something that still takes adjusting to. Why are smartphones getting bigger?


Bonus: I bought these screen protectors on eBay that were like 3 for $7. Always buy your accessories online!

I’m currently addicted to downloading apps on the new phone. So much space means I can finally download all the music and programs I want.

Saturday Shopping

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Giant coffee #selfie

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Despite it being super cold, Nash and I kicked ourselves out of the house to do some shopping. We enjoyed some giant coffee. I bought a new iPhone and a Halloween costume for Teddy. Don’t worry, I’ll blog about them both soon.

I hope your Saturday is spent doing what you want too!