Describe Yourself in 3 Fictional Characters

A few days ago, everyone was doing this:

I compared myself to these 3 stars of their respective shows. Anxiety makes me feel like someone is watching my life like a TV show and hey I am the star of my own blog.

Anyway, I always related to Serena from Sailor Moon. She’s a clutz, so am I. No matter how hard I try, I always have the stupidest stuff happen to me. For example my toilet exploding, or tripping over a mop I put somewhere two seconds ago. Despite this, Serena is the main hero of the show, a princess, someone important and she doesn’t let her funnier side get in the way of that.

Pikachu is the rebellious one. He chooses not to follow the status quo and remain in his Pokeball. He has the most personality out of all the Pokemon on the show. Also he has cheek dimples and I do too.

Lastly, Daria is quite cynical, introverted and smart and often called “the brain” in school. That is the story of my entire public school life.

There you have it. The amalgamation of these 3 characters make me.

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