A Notebook For My Thoughts


I buy a lot of notebooks. A lot of the time they have formatted pages like Spark Notebook or are themed. I wanted something that I could write in whenever I wanted, with no guidelines and I thought the Leuchtturm1917 was perfect for this. Plus they come in all sorts of cute colours. For once I decided to go with something fun and bright.


What I love about this is instead of lines, there are dots. It allows for freedom but at the same time will keep my writing straight, as opposed to a completely blank notebook.

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Trying this #bulletjournal thing for my thoughts

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I think I am going to use it as my own Bullet Journal, but not a true Buju. I am mostly just going to do the point form notes. The goal setting stuff I read about remind me too much of structured notebooks and I want this one to just be a book of thoughts, song lyrics, or anything that inspires me.

I want this to be the first notebook that I will fill.

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