My Make-Up Corner

As you can see from my previous posts, I love makeup. I’ve always been obsessed with buying and collecting make-up.

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Self-care corner

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Last week for Black Friday, I bought a bunch of new cosmetics and then realized I needed to reorganize my collection so that it made more sense. I went to Muji and bought more storage units to match the ones I had. Now everything is organized and easily accessible. I have individual drawers for eyeshadows, lipsticks, bronzer/blushes, brushes, mascara and general face stuff.

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Touch of pink #selfie

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I’m a feminist and I think everybody should feel great in their own skin, but if a lipstick, eye colour or whatever makes you personally feel like you can take on the world, I’m all for it. That’s what make-up is like for me. It makes me a little more confident to go about my daily life, like the ultimate placebo.

It is also a relaxing and fun routine for me in the morning. 5-10 minutes where I can myself up but also not worry too much about what the day will bring.

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Seeing stars #vscocam #selfie

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I also love art but often don’t have much time to sit down and draw. Makeup allows me to creatively work on the most organic canvas of all, the human face.

SHANY Eyeliner


SHANY had a sale so along with the eyeshadows in my previous post, I picked up their set of 12 Gel Eyeliners.


The 12 colours are beautiful. There are some funky ones like orange and a pale green but I think they’d be great for doing some detailed artwork on the eyes (imagine leopard print eyelids).


The colours are super pigmented. It didn’t take much for these swatches on my arm. It is also smudge and waterproof so my eye artwork can stay on all day.

I’m excited to play with these and do some fun things!

SHANY Eyeshadow


One of my Black Friday finds was this SHANY Loose Powder Glitter Eyeshadow Kit.


It came in 40 bright colours with two complimentary brushes. SHANY is a company I discovered on Amazon that has affordable products that don’t test on animals.


Here is a sample swatch of green and orange. I didn’t use that much but it is already so bright and sparkly! The bonus of loose eyeshadows is that not only can I use them for eyes, but anywhere else that needs splash of colours. Mixing it with lip gloss or chap will give me fun shades of lip colours or add a little splash in nail polish or mascara.

Now I’m ready for sparkly Christmas parties.

Centennial Garden 

Today I went to Centennial Garden with my dad. However, I didn’t have a camera with me except the one in my pocket: my iPhone 7 Plus!

It isn’t as good as a DSLR but does the trick when you forget a camera! 

Can I look like this irl? 

I spent a lot of time in the new Pokémon game perfecting my outfit. I spent $32,000 on shoes. 

Now I am a fashion goth and would totally wear this outfit in real life.

Brunch @ Chadwick’s


Last weekend, Nash and I had brunch at Chadwick’s where they have you can Build-A-Benny, so we both did. I picked the strangest ingredients on mine: Queso frito (fried cheese), jamon chino (chinese sausage) and instead of bread I had tortilla chips. I also had half salad and half potatos on the side.

Weirdly, it all worked together. I loved the fried cheese and their beer hollandaise sauce was creamy and delicious. The egg was perfectly poached.

Nash went the more traditional route with peameal bacon and sautéed mixed mushrooms.


He also had a house caesar made with fresh tomato juice and pickled vegetables.


I had a mimosa  made with grapefruit juice.

We loved our Benny’s and hope to try more of the brunch menu soon!

Fanny Chadwick's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Dongle Life

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I love my B&O headphones, but with an iPhone 7 Plus, I need to use the dongle to be able to listen to music on my phone.

I tend to lose things so I ordered a few more third party ones from eBay for a few bucks. They came in all sorts of colours, so I found ones that were exactly the same colour as my phone.

While I really like the look of them, and they do for the most part work, I discovered that there is the slightest white noises whenever I use them versus using the real dongle. And as a slightly OCD person, it drives me nuts.

Maybe it’s these specific ones, but I think I’m going to stay away from third party ones for now. Think twice before you buy them because they might not work 100%!

Staying Warm

The temperatures are finally dipping this week. We saw our first snowflakes on Sunday. Monday afterwork I splurged on some things to keep me warm:

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It snows once

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I’ve never bought under shirts for winter but I couldn’t resist trying Uniqlo’s Heattech line. It has special fibres to keep the wearer warm or extra warm (which I decided choose). There’s also Argan Oil to keep your winter skin comfortable. I’m excited to test it in cold weather. It’s so thin that it doesn’t add much bulk.

I wanted warm waterproof boot thats were more work appropriate than the fluffy boots and these were perfect. I love my new Sorel Lola boots!


The soles are rugged, which is important to me when buying boots because I am a total clutz, so anything that improves my stability is a plus. Plus, they look great too.

Now I’m all ready for going to work in the cold!

Wilbur Mexicana


I went to Wilbur Mexicana recently, home of a hot sauce and salsa bar.  Apparently, it is temporarily closed at the moment to prepare for kitchen repairs, but I went before that happened.


I was unwinding for the evening so I had a Paloma with Tromba, Aperol, grapefruit and soda.


My choice of tacos were: Carne asada with pico de gallo, crispy onions and queso fundido; and the Baja Fish taco with beer battered mahi mahi, cabbage, pico de gallo, chipotle crema. Both were very flavourful and delicious but I loved the crunchy texture of the onions in the Carne Asada (steak) taco.


I can never resist grilled corn so I had to order the Mexican street corn which had chipotle crema, cotija cheese and guajillo chilli powder. It had just the right balance of spice and cream.

I found the price of everything very reasonable and the portions just right. The place always looks like there is a line-up but in reality it doesn’t take very long to get a seat. Plus people will eat these things fast!

Wilbur Mexicana Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Dollarama Review: Insta Peel

I haven’t done a Dollarama Review in a while, but I thought this thing would be worthy of one. After all, it is described as the revolutionary concept in peeling!


I mean for $3 how could I resist right?  It promised to make my carrot peeling mess free. 


Here is what it is like. Giant carrot to scale. It takes up a lot of room. I don’t think the handle part needed to be that thick. or long.


Anyways, I tested it on the carrot. It was dull. It was also hard to aim where you were peeling, so it took me a long time to actually peel the carrot. I found the carrot shavings also tend to jam the already shitty blade, so every once in a while I need to scrape it.

Sorry Insta Peel, you are not revolutionary.