We Brought a Pug Into Galleria Mall and Saw Snakes

This is Lana in a bag.

Last weekend, my friends and I snuck a pug into Galleria Mall. We really wanted to go take a photo with Galleria Santa Claus and see this snake show going on. How those two things relate, or why someone decided that snakes was appropriate as a Christmas activity I will never know.

Anyways there really was snakes in the mall:

img_6220 img_6216 img_6211 And this very unimpressed looking snapping turtle.

These little girls are my heroes lol

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We saw these adorable little girls who really wanted to touch all the snakes. They are braver than we were.

I'm in these photos I swear

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We attempted a 3 person + pug photo booth but I came as darkness in the background.

A real Santa photo did happen but not in the sad Gallery castle that I wanted. He happened to be in the Reimagine Galleria centre.

I look like I am going to burn down your house

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Anyways, Galleria Mall is such a special place and I really hope that they keep the small businesses, and the unique qualities that make it memorable.



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