I’m Awkward

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Yay! #awkward

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I’m super awkward. I always grew up feeling a little bit weird and out of place. I was always the person who didn’t know when I could talk in a conversation without feeling like I was interrupting someone else. To this day, I suck at small talk that isn’t about the weather or what day of the week it is.

Awkwardness used to feel more like a crutch, but now I find it a fun quirk. I don’t feel like a cookie-cutter person and makes life a bit more exciting. Plus, I found a group of awkward people to be awkward together.

It’s Okay To Disconnect If You Need It

There’s so much going on in the world that I start to constantly feel guilt that I am not paying attention 24/7. Anxiety is feeding on more anxiety and I know that it’s not healthy.

Being connected has always been a part of my personal life and work, but now more than ever I am trying to convince myself that it’s ok if I need time off. To stop reading, if only for a few hours.

I’ve been more politically active online and offline (through donations), but it’s ok to take care of myself too. To force myself offline for a bit, I’ve committed to more activities with friends like Monday night trivia at the bar (no phones allowed) and Board Game nights. Breaks alone are important too (but easier to catch myself back on the computer).

Does anybody else feel like they must be glued to screens at all time or feel insane FOMO/guilt? I’m here to tell you you’re not alone.

Use Your Voice For Good

As the world South of the border starts to look grim, I’ve been anxious to get more and more involved. A start has been using my voice more online. I’ve always avoided being political most of the time, but if everyone thought that way there would be no change.

I really appreciated a lot of celebrities using their fame to speak out and raise funds for notable causes.

Now is the time to be on the side of history that you want to be remembered for.

Happy Chinese New Year!

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When your dog somehow understands Chinese New Year

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Happy Chinese New Year! I’m spending the day with my family and dog. Teddy somehow understands that there are goodies inside red envelopes and he gets his own too.

Amazon Art Supplies


I picked up new drawing pencils so that I could draw something to colour with my new pencil crayons. This set of 18 sketch pencils, 3 charcoal pencils, 3 paper erasable pens, 1 pencil extender, 1 craft knife, 1 eraser, and 1 plastic rubber cost only $18. It’s a steal compared to what you’d find at a store.


I also bought some colourless blenders that make pencil crayons look super smooth. I also got a sketchbook that I didn’t realize was teeny tiny! Oops, I guess that’s the downside of shopping online is that I have to closely read all the specs before buying.

Calii Love

Today before class I stopped by Calii Love, a poké restaurant and café on King West.

Everything had cute adjective names. I ordered the Humble Bowl which had a generous amount of tuna, seaweed, onion, rice, sauce. I added nori, wasabi peas and this herb that they said helped with digestion.

The fish was super fresh, which is he most important part of a pokébowl. There was lots of it, more than you would if you tried to order tuna sashimi at a sushi restaurant.

I found the raw onion a tiny bit overwhelming so I picked out most of those. Without them, all the other ingredients absorbed the wasabi aoli and shoyu on top beautifully.

Calii Love Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Let’s Do More Than Talk

Today is the yearly Bell Let’s Talk Day. Even though it’s totally a corporate marketing campaign and the company itself has it’s own internal issues, I think it’s still a very valuable day that needs to keep happening.

Since the very first Bell Let’s Talk I participated in, I started to talk more openly about my experiences and diagnoses with anxiety. It’s kind of stupid but having a day, or a hashtag felt like a wall I could hide behind and it felt safe and I soon realized that many of my friends face similar challenges and that I’m not alone.

Though I tweeted a few posts today, I stepped back from the amount I would normally talk today. Instead, I read everybody else’s posts. I saw some people open up with things I would’ve not known otherwise. I reflected on how I will be more patient and understanding to certain people. I reached out to people to let them know I’d do what I could to help them when they needed it.

Days like this, corporate or not, will not stop being important until we all make efforts to make this an important discussion every day, ask our leaders to increase funding for programs and allow people in our lives to feel safe asking for help.

KW Craft Cider 

This weekend I picked up some KW Craft Cider. I’ve never had it before but I was drawn to its minimalistic packaging.

It is named after the Kitchener-Waterloo region where the brewery is based. At 6.7%, I found the cider rather easy to drink, was only slightly tarty, but full of flavour. In fact, I drank all four no problem at a party.

Photos: STACEY, Kirty, Maccie, Helena Deland @ The Silver Dollar

Ride the Tempo co-presented a showcase at the Silver Dollar this weekend. Here are some of my favourite shots! See the full set here.

Photos: Women’s March Toronto

Yesterday, I took part in the Women’s March in Toronto. I felt empowered to be in the crowd. It also warmed my heart to see all the little kids who took part, providing hope for our future generations.

Here are some photos: