I’m Taking a Web Development Course

Last night, I started my first class at Brain Station in Intro to Web Development.

I’ve had websites since I was 9 years old. My first website was a Pokemon gifs site on Geocities that would crash your computer because it had too many moving gifs.

I’ve moved on since and my two current sites, RIde the Tempo and this blog, which are both lovely in their own right but I’ve never built a site from scratch.

At a young age, I was good at deconstructing existing templates or WordPress themes but not writing the code from the ground up.

Hopefully in my 10 weeks at Brain Station, I’ll come closer to be able to build something of my own. I’ll keep you updated on my progress and what it’s realistically like to be at a tech bootcamp. I found the first class rather easy and basic, but I still learned some style tips.

Can’t wait for next Thursday!

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