Adventure Time Lego


The second that I saw this Lego Adventure Time set existed I just had to order it. At the moment it’s only available at the Lego Store.


It was brought to life by a lot of Lego Ideas votes. It’s so cool that there is a site where you can submit your own ideas and if people like them they can become real sets.


The set was separated into 3 bags with 2-3 characters in each.


They were fairly easy to build so I did the whole thing in one go.


My favourite was Ice King because I loved the details of the jewel in his crown and the snowflakes in his hands.


Lady Rainicorn was a fun build with a bendable body.


Since they aren’t mini figures they were larger than I expected, so had to make more room on the shelf! This is definitely a must-have set for a Lego & Adventure Time fan.

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