Java Works Dark French Roast


I found this Java Works French Roast at Winners. It is a  blend of premium selected high grown Arabica coffees from the Latin Americas and the Asia Pacific regions.

This coffee was full-bodied and flavourful. I didn’t find it too bitter and it had a light sweetness. There’s ton of coffees in the Java Works line so I’m excited to try some more.

Make Your Voices Louder

Today the world turns a little scarier but I hope that the voices of women will grow a little bit louder, a little bit braver. I wish all my friends marching this weekend safety and solidarity.

Let’s amplify the voices of people who do good in this world, instead of those who are trying to oppress others. I want to make a cautious effort to share more positive stories on social media from people trying to create change, instead of sharing articles about people I don’t like.

As Obama said:

New Blog Header!

I’m sure you noticed something different about the blog…

I have a new header designed by @lifeinstrokes! She does cool hand-drawn lettering and cards.

I love my new header because it is unique and also has represents my love for food and photos.

Meitu Photo App

I am not sure why but I saw all these hilariously filtered photos all over social media made with the app Meitu. I couldn’t resist trying it myself!

My favourite were the filters that looked like drawings.

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Lmao this app is killing me #meitu

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I think I could totally rock this look in real life:



Prismacolor 150


Nash bought this set of 150 Prismacolor Pencil Crayons for Christmas. The funny thing was that I had clicked on them once on Amazon because there was a decent deal but still couldn’t justify buying a giant set of pencil crayons that I didn’t have time to use.

Anyway, if you’ve ever clicked anything on Amazon, you know that the item will haunt you all over the internet (on website ads, facebook e-mails) until you buy the thing. I had all the self-control in the world not to buy it no matter how much the price was decently dropping.


But I ended up with them anyways. So now I have to add these in my year of more art! Such a beautiful array of colours. Now I just need to figure out what is the perfect Simpsons muzzle brown.

Adventure Time Lego


The second that I saw this Lego Adventure Time set existed I just had to order it. At the moment it’s only available at the Lego Store.


It was brought to life by a lot of Lego Ideas votes. It’s so cool that there is a site where you can submit your own ideas and if people like them they can become real sets.


The set was separated into 3 bags with 2-3 characters in each.


They were fairly easy to build so I did the whole thing in one go.


My favourite was Ice King because I loved the details of the jewel in his crown and the snowflakes in his hands.


Lady Rainicorn was a fun build with a bendable body.


Since they aren’t mini figures they were larger than I expected, so had to make more room on the shelf! This is definitely a must-have set for a Lego & Adventure Time fan.

Top Canadian Albums of 2016

I’ve been having internet problems for like two weeks, so my Top Canadian Albums of 2016 chart is a little bit late but finally up here.

The list is based on contributor voting, listens and how much it moved us. Popularity of artist is not something that was put into account. Good music moves you and it doesn’t matter who makes it.

85mm Teddy

Here are some random photos of Teddy that I took with my 85mm on my 5D Mark IV. I’m still getting used to the camera but I can’t get over the gorgeous effect I get at f1.2 on a full frame.

065a0063 065a0067 065a0087 065a0187

I’m Taking a Web Development Course

Last night, I started my first class at Brain Station in Intro to Web Development.

I’ve had websites since I was 9 years old. My first website was a Pokemon gifs site on Geocities that would crash your computer because it had too many moving gifs.

I’ve moved on since and my two current sites, RIde the Tempo and this blog, which are both lovely in their own right but I’ve never built a site from scratch.

At a young age, I was good at deconstructing existing templates or WordPress themes but not writing the code from the ground up.

Hopefully in my 10 weeks at Brain Station, I’ll come closer to be able to build something of my own. I’ll keep you updated on my progress and what it’s realistically like to be at a tech bootcamp. I found the first class rather easy and basic, but I still learned some style tips.

Can’t wait for next Thursday!

Explore Canada’s Parks Free This Year


This year is Canada’s 150th birthday and to celebrate Parks Canada is giving away Free Parks Discover Passes for the year!

I ordered mine and it already arrived in the mail. I hope to explore Canada’s beautiful nature sites once the weather gets warmer.