Little Pig Hot Pot

My friends and I made the trip uptown to Little Pig Hot Pot. Hot Pot if you’ve never done it outside of your house before comes with a price tag. There’s a per person charge (around $25) as well as additional charges per soup. For our party of four people we had one bowl with two broths: pork and mushroom. They had a lot of spicy soups but we kept it safe.

The cool thing about this place is you can order with an iPad, just like at AYCE Sushi. That way, every time you want more of something, you don’t have to feel guilty flagging the waiter down each time. It was super easy with the click of a button.

The sauces were also part of the iPad ordering system, so we got a little carried away (pictured). There was a huge selection of meats, noodles, vegetables, seafood and also some fried things (not for hot potting). Everything was good quality and came in relatively small portions so we couldn’t order too much by accident the first round.

There were really big chopsticks for cooking the food in. I guess so there was less chance of burning yourself.

I quenched my thirst with some delicious Winter Melon iced tea.

Dessert was a sweet jelly thing that cleansed the palate.

They also had these hilarious fun props you could use to take photos for Instagram. Genius idea!

And of course some pig themed things.

We enjoyed our meal here and this encouraged us to make more trips uptown to have authentic hot pot.

Little Pig Hot Pot Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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