It’s Ice Cream Season!

I eagerly awaited the seasonal opening of my local ice cream store and made my first visit of the year this weekend. Lansdowne Cone is one of my favourites and I’m happy to have it so close by.

If you’re lucky enough to have independent ice cream shops, support them!

Cherry Blossom Look

The weather is beautiful this sunny Saturday. I’m going to head out and enjoy some fresh air. Spring is my favourite season. It’s not too hot, not too cold and flowers are in bloom.

I love pink eyeshadow and I was inspired by cherry blossoms to do this eye and lip look. Now to own the day with my spring look.

Kracie Pizza Kit

I haven’t done one of these weird candy kit things in a while, and I just couldn’t resist the Pizza one.

This one had many different powder packages, as well as instructions to cut out the designs on the plastic wrap to use as fun pizza boxes and accessories.

My result was not as pretty as the perfectly round ones on the box! The pizza and fries were baked in the microwave for a short amount of time. It allowed the “cheese” to melt and dough to harden a bit.

This one was equally as bizarre as the Mini Burger set. I made a veggie pizza and one that had something that tasted like meat. The “vegetables” on the pizza was a colourful bag of dots that tasted like vegetable chips. The fries tasted like fries. The drink was a fizzy grape drink. The pizza sauce and cheese, did taste real too, with a hint of sweetness. It was all very strange. These are always funnier to make than they are to eat!

Partner @ Longboat Hall 4/22/2017

You have to be a very special band for me to shoot/see you 100 times and Partner is one of those bands. The whole gallery has my favourite shots of the week. View it here.

Duchess Says @ Baby G

The cult of Duchess Says is always a fun one to shoot! See the full set over here.

Das mörtal, Beat Market, Zoo Owl, Paupière @ Longboat Hall

Photos from the Ride the Tempo x Longboat Hall showcase are up now on Ride the Tempo!

Later that night I also hit up Les Deuxluxes. You can find the photoset here.


Photos: Yamantaka // Sonic Titan, Han Han @ The Garrison

It’s been a while since I’ve seen Yamantaka // Sonic Titan but check out the full gallery here.

Photos: Zoobombs, MuniZO, KNIFEY, Little Boxer @ The Silver Dollar

Here are a few of my favourite shots from the show! Check out the full set here:

Sailor Moon Socks

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Sailor Moon + crew protecting my feet 🌙

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This is my favourite new Amazon find: Sailor Moon socks! I was super lazy to do laundry this week so I looked into ordering socks and ended up with these cool ones.

Photos: Lisa Leblanc @ The Horseshoe

Out tonight, but check out my photos of Lisa Leblanc here!