I’ll Miss The Silver Dollar

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We will miss you Silver Dollar #ripsilverdollar

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Last night was the last concert for a while at The Silver Dollar. It’ll be closing so that they can build condos in the area. It will re-open because it has a heritage designation, but because of the closures, the people that are involved will probably not be a part of it anymore.

Thank you for all the special memories:

– It was one of my first club venues before I was even old enough to go to it. I’d volunteer for NXNE (when it was still cool).

– I stood in awkward silence beside people who are now my friends.

– I fell in love with a lot of my favourite bands there.

– I held my first blog showcases there

– I shot my first concert photos there.

– I killed my first camera there.

The venue may come back, but it’ll never be the same. #RIPSilverDollar

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