nomakenolife- April 2017

I am obsessed with Asian products lately so I couldn’t resist trying a subscription of Japanese box nomakenolife. This month I received a box of 5 full sized must-have skin care products.

This Shiseido Senka Perfect Whip face wash I use daily. It’s gentle and a little bit turns into a soft lather.

The Derizum moisturizer has 15 types of amino acids, 8 ceramides and more and made my skin feel super soft, like a baby’s butt. Perhaps that’s why there is a photo of a baby on it. I don’t know.

Dot Free’s Deep Clay Mask was also gentle on my skin. It wasn’t drying and made my skin feel firmer.

Menturm’s Lip Dress was a lovely neutral lip balm that has SPF 12 sun protection. My lips feel soft when I use this.

The most mysterious item in the box was this melon gel thing. It is an all-in-one gel that functions as a toner, moisturizer, essence and make-up base. It’s kind of eerie because it looks like jello and when you scoop some out, the next day it looks like perfect jello again. I like to wear it under my make-up.

All these products I have implemented into my life. At around $30 (CAD)/month, it is a bit pricey but I can’t wait to see what I get for May!

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