nomakenolife – May 2017 Edition

This month’s nomakenolife box was themed beauty must-haves.

This Brigitte lasting liquid liner is super precise and dries fast. It also doesn’t smear easily. The only slightly weird thing is it came in brown. I’m used to wearing black eyeliner daily, but I think this will be good for subtle work looks.

This Mentrum Petrolleum jelly is a natural multi-purpose product for maintaining moisture in skin. It doesn’t have any smells or dyes so good for babies and people with sensitive skin.

Love Switch’s oil treatment mascara has a smooth application. It’s full of beauty oils like avocado, hazelnut, camelia seed and more. It’s also waterproof but makes my lashes feel healthier when I’m wearing it.

This coral lip tint from Brigitte is a subtle pink and tastes fruity because of the fruit extracts that are in it. I love how most of these products infuse natural food essences into them.

The last item was a brush. At first, I was kind of disappointed to get the brush but after using it with my BB cream I love it. It helps create a naturally dewy look by spreading the product even throughout. It’s so much more effective than a beauty blender.

I’m excited to give all these products a whirl, and they will find a use in my makeup collection!

I’m taking a bit of a break from make-up boxes for financial reasons (need to save for that wedding!), but final Top Box post coming soon.

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