My Bridesmaids Said Yes!

I haven’t planned too much of my wedding besides the date, but I thought the next step was to ask my bridesmaids. I decided on a wedding party of 3. My maid of honour is my best friend from the East Coast. My other bridesmaids are my sister and a longtime friend.

I had no doubt on who I wanted in my wedding party. One was a family of course, but the other two were people who no matter where they go in the world, when we’re together it’s like we were never apart. It takes a special bond to feel that way and I know I want them with me on my special day.

How did I ask? I got everyone special bridesmaid cards (they are hard to find) and also bought matching rose gold earrings from Pandora. Nash and I are contemplating a light orange and pale purple theme, so they fit with whatever outfits!

I can’t wait to continue planning even though I don’t know where to start!

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