Uniqlo x Nintendo 

The Uniqlo x Nintendo collection launched his weekend. Our Canadian stores didn’t get too many of the designs but I managed to snag this adorable Pikachu shirt in large.

 I love to wear it like a dress. It also goes great with my Pikachu Loungefly backpack. Pikafashion is the best. 

The Face Shop 2016 Advent Calendar

Since it’s 2017 now, I got this 2016 Advent Calendar from The Face Shop for more than half off.

The packaging was pretty and featured little squares for different size gifts.

Inside, everything was way more than the $20 I paid for it.

Here are all the goodies I received:

1. Jeju Volcanic Lava Nose Pore Strip
2. Konjac Cleansing Puff
3. False Eyelashes
4. Orchid Hand Cream
5. Gel Touch Nail Polish
6. Single Brown Shadow
7.Intense Firming Mascream Sheet
8. Real Nature Aloe Face Mask
9. Herb Day Lip and Eye Makeup Remover Wipes
10. Rich Hand V Special Care Hand Mask
11.Calendula Essential Moisture Eye Cream
12. Smile Foot Mask

So many goodies to take care of my skin. I’ve become a bit obsessed with skincare now that I’m older. It’s never too late to take care of yourself!

Take My Stuff on Bunz!

I’m doing some spring cleaning so I put a bunch of stuff for trade on the Bunz app! If you’re in Toronto add me @tianafeng!

“Get Help” and Helpful Links

Today, Chris Cornell of Soundgarden passed away because of reasons you can look up yourself.

In short, he took his own life. Afterward, I’ve seen too many people post things along of “Get Help” and insert some random link to a hotline. I know everyone means well but from personal experience as an OCD depressive person, I can tell you now that none of that shit helps. Often people who are down don’t know they need help or don’t think they deserve it in the first place.

You will not likely change someone who is down in the dumps’ life for posting that stuff. What is more valuable is taking the time to reach out to those you personally know who might be suffering and showing you truly care. Don’t just fight the stigma of mental illness. Fight the fact that you have to survive it alone.


Racinne Delicare Perfection

I received this Racinne Delicare Perfection mask box from a swag bag Nash got me from work. I’ve never heard of the brand but upon research, it’s another Korean skincare brand. I’m not Korean but they always have the nicest skin, so I’m always curious about their products.

These masks are primarily for dry skin. It can be worn and washed off in 15 minutes or as an overnight mask. Each portioned packet had a lot. I almost contemplated splitting it into two sessions, but I don’t need to be stingy on masks (I have tons).

It did leave my skin feeling moisturized after spending too much time in a warm shower. It also had a cold calming effect. It’s not as simple as a wearable mask, but I like that you can spread the product to all the right areas. I got lucky on this swag item!

The Face Shop: Photo Blur

I don’t wear much foundation and when I like to have a bit of coverage, BB cream is enough. I’ve been turning to Asian creams lately because they tend to blend really well. Also for some reason, they only ever come in one shade that is perfect.

It has a slight citrus scent that I don’t mind and the tube makes it easy to squeeze the right amount. It’s a non-greasy BB cream, so I do recommend moisturizing first if you don’t have oily skin. Some sites say it has SPF 37, but for some reason, that description has a faint white sticker on top of the packaging where it used to say that.

When I’m feeling extra conscious about my redness, I put a little on (it goes a long way) and I’m usually still good about 6 hours later. BB creams are definitely worth trying for those who don’t like foundation every day!

Sick Day

I’ve been under the weather since Friday, but I didn’t really realize it was serious until Monday. Out of commission today! Will hopefully be my full blogging self tomorrow.


This year is Canada’s 150th birthday and there are weird art and promos for it everywhere. To me, Canada is more than just a maple leaf. It’s the place where I was born and have felt relatively safe all my life. I know in being born here I am ascribed certain privileges, but I always to keep an open mind so that we can create a more equal Canada for all.

What does Canada mean to you?

PWRBTTM and Call-Out Culture

This week rising queer-band PWR BTTM were outed as sexual abusers. I knew a lot of people who loved this band. Who would dazzle themselves in glitter and enjoy the so-called safe space of their shows.

It must be heartbreaking to find out that they’re not the people they thought they were. I watched this unfold from the sidelines as someone who is impartial since I never actually got around to listening to their music. Not a thing to brag about, just coincidence. But I do care about those that were emotionally affected.

It’s great that people are being informed about predators. However, I’ve seen too many people post on other people’s walls or try to message people in a vein of “LOOK WHAT YOUR FAV BAND DID”. If that’s you, please reconsider this. This news is everywhere, so the person would find out regardless, but it’s up to them to personally decide if they want to continue supporting the band, or if they will painfully let go of music they thought were from their allies. If they choose to remain silent until they can process it all, it’s their choice.

What exactly do you achieve for being the asshole who needs to personally ruin someone’s day?

I Hate My Monthly Friend

It’s an awkward thing to talk about.. but I hate my monthly friend. These visits have been occurring since I was 10.

For 3 days, I feel like I can hardly move because it’s hard to. It comes down heavy like a thunderstorm. But during a thunderstorm, you can see the clouds receding.

I’ve tried to lure them away with Tylenol, and other prescriptions. I’m hormonally imbalanced enough without messing further. I’m afraid the combination would turn me into a terrible person.

I’ve grown up now but my monthly friend still visits. It comes by during work, when I’m out friends when I’m at music festivals and ruins my day. It’s debilitating.

Sometimes I don’t let it defeat me, but I think occasionally it is ok to admit defeat. I am human. I am currently in bed writing this blog post as I wait for my Uber Eats. And I will probably fall asleep after on this Friday night.

How do you deal with your friend? I’m open to trying natural methods.