I Wear Makeup For Me

I saw this article the other day and I thought it was hilarious:

I could relate to the joke article. People always like to tell me I look more beautiful without make-up. I’m fine with my face without makeup, but I also fuckin’ love makeup too.

I find it empowering because I can decide what I want to look like. I could be a goth one day, a sparkly pixie the next, or a grown up woman going to an adult party.

A lipstick can make you feel powerful. A vixen red, a cute pink, a daring brown. It’s not just the colour that does it, it’s the fact that I decided.

I love eyeshadows because it’s like painting my face. I could have rainbow lids, smokey eye, but I choose it.

Makeup to me isn’t about what anybody else tells me I look best in. It’s the power of the colour I want to feel at the moment.

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