Sometimes you just need to pet a dog

Having pets does totally calm me down when I’m anxious. It’s nice to have had an extended weekend with the family, where I could spend more time with Teddy.

Pizza Party at Superpoint

Recently, I had a work dinner at hip pizza joint, Superpoint. We did a set menu that featured something called a Pizza Party where pies kept coming.

To start, we had a fried rice ball with red sauce and cheese.

The garlic bread was heavenly, it was hard not to fill up on it.

There was a radicchio,Ā escarole, and greens salad that had grated pecorino cheese and a light vinaigrette. We found it a tiny bit too peppery.

Their Caesar salad, however, was rather irresistible and everyone was quite a fan of the hickory sticks on top.

Their cocktail menu was extensive and this zombie-named drink had a flaming lime in it.

Our pizza party began with a Pepperoni pizza. Their pizzas had thin crusts, so it made it easier to try multiple.

The kale and mushroom pizza with white sauce provided a different flavour pallette between white sauces.

My favourite was the pie with bacon, pineapple, peppers and onions.

There was also a radicchio and gorgonzola pizza with white sauce. My photo is terrible, but the pizza was not!

Dessert was delicious fried donuts with a side of custard sauce.

I enjoyed our pizza party dinner and the back room is also a cool place to host a large group.
Superpoint Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Happy 6th Birthday Teddy!

I can’t believe Teddy turns 6 this year. He’s essentially grown up with this blog.

Though he lives in the suburbs with my parents and I’m downtown, I love that our family had our lives change for the better because of this little fluff ball. There’s no love as positive as that of a dog each time they see you.

Pixel Pikachu x Uniqlo

I’m so happy to have this Pixel Pikachu shirt from Uniqlo. The line is all sold out here in Canada, but I got a good friend to order it online, ship it to the States and smuggle it up here.

I love this simple pika-shirt so much!

Chef’s Plate

Last week, Nash and I tried out Chef’s Plate with 3 meals for two people. The ingredients came separately packaged in paper bags with the meats under ice packs which kept it all fresh until I came home from work.

Nash made 2/3 of the meals because I started working a different schedule and ending late. The first was a Lemon & Pesto Chicken Pappardelle pasta.

While he didn’t finely chop the spices, the pasta was super flavourful and delicious. I loved the textural addition of seeds. Who knew that making your own pesto could be this simple? I’m definitely keeping this recipe in mind for future pasta-making.

The second meal he made was a Shaoxing-style steak with a lot of Asian flavours. It was served with flavourful sweet potatoes,Ā snap peas and green beans.

This was a tiny bit more complicated than the first, but our meat turned out perfectly cooked!

On my day off, I decided to do the final package. It was a blackened basa. I like that it came with veggies in a variety of colours.

For the first time, my fish was perfectly cooked and not stuck to the pan. The millet salad felt super healthy but was filling and the lime, mango and honey a nice sweetness against the paprika in the fish.

I enjoyed all my Chef’s Plate selections that week and hope to use it occasionally on lazy weeks. It’s fun and gives you a new arsenal of recipe ideas for the future. Sometimes you want to cook new things, but it’s much easier if you don’t have to pick up the groceries too!

Get 3 plates free if you use my link to sign up for Chef’s plate! or you can use my codeĀ #3platesFromtianafeng. Happy cooking!

Collecting Planets and Walking with Walkr

I love games that interact with my Step Count and I almost collected everything in Wokamon. I did a quick search for pedometer games and while there were many, Walkr looked the cutest.

The game uses your steps as energy to explore space and collect fun planets.

It looks like there are a million things to explore and upgrade so this will get me walking for a while!


Ever since I started going to music festivals, I’d post about the food I ate.

I decided that I needed my own Instagram hashtag so over the weekend I made myself #tianaeatsfestivals and retroactively tagged a bunch of past posts. You can find my food adventures there.

My favourite find this yer were these Parmesan tater tots from Toben Food by Design:

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Parmesan truffle tater tots #tianaeatsfestivals

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In Ontario, it’s getting harder to find stuff I haven’t previously tried!

Field Trip This Weekend

Heading to Field Trip this today. See you there!
Sunday is up in the air for me as it might be thunderstorming so we’ll see about that tomorrow.

Friday Off

I have Fridays off for the rest of summer. I have to make up the time for the rest of the week by working longer days but it’s worth it. It’s nice to have an extra day to catch up on sleep, chores, life.

I’m going to go hang out with a friend I haven’t seen in a long time and try to spend less time on the computer.

Too much rainĀ 

Here in Toronto it has been raining a little too much lately. Our island is flooded and there were even shows that got rescheduled or rained out due to water levels. 

Anyways I thought I would counter the rain with a photo of Teddy who clearly enjoys the sun. So won’t it be sunny for him?