Influenster: Saint and Sinner Perfume from Kat Von D

I don’t really wear perfume, but I received these cute Kat Von D potion bottles of perfume from Influenster.

The Saint (white bottle) is flowery with jasmine and hints of mandarin, vanilla and a wood tone.

Sinner is noticeably “darker” containing cinnamon, vetiver, patchouli and wood.

Personally, I preferred the Saint perfume but I gave both to a friend who would appreciate the scents.

Went to a Pin + Patch Show

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Got some on brand pins

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Yesterday I attended the inaugural Pin & Patch Show. My friends and I arrived more than half an hour before doors but there were already 100 people ahead of us. The event took place at the former storefront for Magic Pony.

There were a lot of vendors and a huge turnout. I grabbed an adorable Pocky pin from Queenie’s Cards and a Gameboy pin from Pete Ellison. I had taken the last one they had (the display) so it was without packaging!

I need some ideas of things to pin that I can regularly show off. I don’t really have a jean jacket and a cork board is not optimal for showing it off. What do you pin?

Ajuker Chicken

A lot of Korean restaurants look the same near Christie but Ajuker Chicken, specializes in chicken dishes, especially fried. However, I had a lot of fried food for lunch so I wanted to try their healing ginseng chicken soup. The broth was relatively thin, but flavourful and comforting. The bird was stuff with rice, ginseng, dates and garlic.

My friend had a spicy chicken and rice dish with vegetables. It was generously seasoned and did not hold on the spice.

Like many traditional meals, we were served side dishes including bean sprouts, sea weed salad, kimchi and salted beans. We quite liked our food and next time will try the fried chicken!

Ajuker Chicken Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Influenster: Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipstick

I was so excited to receive a few samples of Bite Beauty’s Amuse Bouche Liquid Lipsticks from Influenster. It also came with a lip primer.

Of the 3 colours, I have tested two so far.

They are pigmented and go on the exact shade it looks like in the bottle. Often when I buy lipsticks, it comes out more red than I hoped (based on my natural lip colour). It glided on creamy, and I didn’t need more than one swipe.

I love that they are matte, but at the same time don’t look dry on my lips. This is probably my favourite Influenster box so far as I’ll use the heck out of them.

You should join Influenster too to take part in free samples!

What I ate at River & Sky #tianaeatsfestivals

River & Sky had a few vendors to keep us alive all weekend. The first place I visted was a vegetarian taco place called Tucos. I ordered a “phish” taco which was beer battered avocado, cabbage, cilantro and crema.

They also had this healthy juice made from orange, carrot, melon, pineapple, rhubarb, lemon, ginger and apple.

Club Fisher served up fire oven pizzas. This pepperoni and cheese pizza was thin and cheesily delicious.

Doggin’ served up the most delicious dry rub ribs that were cooked for hours.

They also had locally made sausages that were quick and delicious. I can’t help but add all the fixings on top.

Lastly, I couldn’t resist getting an ice cream sandwich from Sharquhar’s, a stand that also had a roaming bicycle selling the ice cream throughout the festival.

Weaves, The Weather Station, Richard Laviolette, Jennifer Holub @ River & Sky 7/23/2017

Sunday and final day River & Sky photos are up now on Ride the Tempo. Here are a few favourites:

PUP, Partner, Lonely Parade, Heat, Casper Skulls, The Blisters, Germaphobes, Billy Moon, Lazy Daisies @ River & Sky 7/22/2017

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Little Scream, Fet.Nat, Corridor, Un Blonde, Walrus, PONY @ River & Sky 7/21/2017

Here are some of my favourite photos from Friday at River & Sky. Check out the full gallery on Ride the Tempo.

Home from River & Sky

I just arrived home from weekend. I’ll update you later on my adventures at this camping festival I had never been to.

Enjoying Nature

Yesterday I set up camp at River & Sky festival. This community festival is more like real camping than others I have been to.

I woke up a little eaten by bugs but it is an ok tradeoff for such a wonderful relaxing atmosphere. For the first real time last night, I looked up at the stars and saw galaxies full of them. I found the Big Dipper and appreciated all the natural bright lights in the sky.

In the city, the skies are frequently polluted with airplanes but here they were natures decorations.

There's not much cellphone signal here but I am okay with that!