Fenty Trophy Wife Highlighter

Despite the hefty pricetag, I couldn’t resist the Fenty Beauty hype. The Trophy Wife Killawat highlighter is so beautiful and alluring.

The packaging is minimalistic but stands out with its rough edges.

What I like about the gold Trophy Wife highlighter is that it’s multi-purpose. It can go anywhere that needs sparkle, not just your cheeks.

I love using it as eyeshadow. It brightens up my eyes. On my cheeks, it gives me a sparkly natural glow since my skin tone is already yellow. I like adding a little dab on my lips, to give it some dimension.

If you’re having a night on the town, it beautifully illuminates under the lights when you’re in a dimly lit place.

A little goes a long way, so even though it costs $34, it’ll last a long time and through many looks!

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