We saw Get Out as an Interracial Couple

*Warning if you haven’t seen the movie yet, there may be spoilers but also why haven’t you seen the movie yet?

Last night, Nash and I went to see Get Out. As an interracial couple, I thought that it was interesting to see many other interracial couples in the audience.

After the movie was over I asked Nash if I’m just part of a grand ploy to get an Asian body for his grandmother’s brain.

It was a joke mainly because he’s also from an all white town and his parents live near the woods with the next house kind of far away. Of course it is perfectly fine and I have never felt unsafe. I was born in Canada, so often I forget that I’m not white. Plus, I figure 6 years and a diamond ring seems like a lot of effort for such a ploy.

I loved the movie. It was funny, but it also made me think about the micro-aggressions we all have (whether we admit it or not) towards people who are different from us. Just because I’m not white doesn’t mean that my own culture doesn’t have it’s own set of prejudices. In fact, there was even an Asian man in the weird town.

The most interesting part of the weird town in the movie was that I don’t think the people thought they were racist. They spoke in tones that were condescending, too positive, ways they would not talk to other people who were like them. “I would vote for Obama a third time,” does not equate to not being racist.

As an interracial couple, we had our own awkward times with the “meet the parents” scenario. In fact, he didn’t meet mine until two years into the relationship. He was the first dude I was ever brave enough to bring home, maybe because I was never really into Asian dudes. Nash became too important for me to care what my parents thought and they welcome him now too.

Hidden Figures

I watched the movie Hidden Figures over the weekend with a group of girl friends (and a few guys who tagged along).

The movie is based on the true story of 3 smart African American women who were integral to NASA’s mission to get John Glenn into orbit. I loved the movie. There were some tear jerking moments and others where I wanted to yell “you go girl!” at the screen.

Katherine G Johnson, the movies’s main character made math seem like the most badass thing. The real Katherine G Johnson still lives today at 98 and calculated the trajectories, launch windows, and emergency back-up return paths for many flights including the early NASA missions of John Glenn and Alan Shepard, the 1969 Apollo 11 flight to the Moon, and even early plans for the Mission to Mars. She wasn’t awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom until 2015, when she was 97, by Barack Obama.

Anyways, Hidden Figures is a movie everyone should watch and has more life lessons than the other space movie in theatres.

I Saw Ghostbusters Today!


I finally saw the new Ghostbusters movie and I thought it was a lot of fun. I stayed away from most movie reviews because they were  mostly negative for sexist reasons. I liked the role-reversal and strong female leads.

I found the movie funny and cheesy, which is exactly what the original Ghostbusters was. If you take movies too seriously, you wouldn’t have liked the original movie either. Also does anyone remember 1989’s Ghostbusters II? That movie was legitimately terrible!


I Saw Jurassic World in D-Box


Spoiler alert: If you haven’t watched Jurassic World this post might reveal some things you didn’t want to know.

Last night we saw Jurassic World in D-Box. It was my first experience in one of those special moving chairs at the theatre. For this movie it actually worked out well. I felt like I was riding the helicopters or gyrosphere along with the movie characters and we could feel the stomping of the dinosaurs. It didn’t make me sick like I thought it was. It made us feel like we were part of the adventure.

I think we wouldn’t have enjoyed the movie as much without the D-Box experience mainly because the movie itself wasn’t the greatest. Here is why:

1) There were a lot of pointless backstory between the kids. Also the older kid was a terrible actor.

2) Product placement was hilarious, almost like it was parodying it.

3) Why were the dinosaurs smiling at the end?

I still had a great time watching the movie, after all it is a movie about Dinosaurs, just don’t go into it expecting too much!

I love D-Box, if you ever have the choice to experience it, take it!

Things I Learnt From Silver Linings Playbook


After hearing all the award nominations for Silver Linings Playbook, I thought I’d give it a chance. Otherwise, I don’t usually go out to see romantic comedies. I have to admit I like it more than I thought.

Here are some things I learnt from the movie (warning may contain spoilers):

– If you stalk someone enough they will fall in love with you
– Lie if you can’t get what you want
– All the books you were forced to read in school are depressing.
– Sometimes your lies might turn into truths
– Superstitious routines actually work.
– It’s okay to bet your life savings on things.
– Dancing with another woman may win you your ex-wife back
– Mental institutions are racist because they seem to keep sending Chris Tucker back with no explanation.
– “Excelsior!” is actually the New York motto

What I Learned from Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-it Ralph was a highly enjoyable movie and worth it for the tidbits of nerd gamer references including the Pac Man kill screen at the end of the credits. The character building was fantastic and I particularly loved the Candy world.

Since this is a Disney movie so there were lessons to be learned:

– Just because you’re somewhat of a clutz, doesn’t mean you’re a bad guy
– Society as a whole matters more than your own happiness
– Speak out and do something if you’re not happy, things will change
– It’s okay to get thrown off of a building as long as you get cake afterwards
– If you tell someone they’re “one dynamite girl” enough times, they will fall in love with you
– If you ever need some light the mixture of mentos and hot diet cola results in a very bright explosion

Why The Hunger Games is Less Retarded Than Twilight

I never jumped on the Twilight bandwagon, maybe because it’s semi-embarrassing to be associated with it. Also, I was never really that into the cliche idea of vampires and werewolves. Even if The Hunger Games shares similarities to Japanese movie Battle Royale and Steven King’s Running Man there are more reasons to love this new novel-turned-movie franchise.

I didn’t have to force my boyfriend to go see it. Like I had mentioned, The Hunger Games is less embarrassing and I didn’t have a problem convincing my boyfriend to go see it. Although there is the love triangle involved, the idea of a “chick flick” is masked with the idea of kids killing each other off.

Katniss Everdeen is way cooler than Bella Swan. Katniss is pretty bad-ass, a rebel that started a revolution. She is well loved and doesn’t want to commit to either man. Bella’s just some “average girl” in which anybody can take her place (that was the point right?), but Katniss has heart, character and history. I don’t want to be in Katniss’ shoes, but I want to read about adventure. I enjoyed her fearlessness and her independence. The National Review once said that Bella gets what she wants eventually “by giving up her identity and throwing away nearly everything in life that matters” I don’t really care much for Bella’s story and the fact that she will end up marrying and having a vampire baby.

The Hunger Games mocks our obsession with reality television. Whether or not it was intentional, The Hunger Games mocks our own society. If we’ve gone to extremes of making such things as Teen Mom a hit, what’s in the future of reality television? Will we have our own version of the Hunger Games? I don’t think Twilight makes us think about society in any way, unless it’s maybe that boy down the road is a vampire.

I sort of want a Mockingjay pin. I usually don’t like movie paraphernalia, but if it’s a token of being a rebel. Something like Edward’s face on my wall would be much more embarrassing.

In 3 not-so-long books, Suzanne Collins created a complicated world and it’s movie marketing campaign ingeniously created a tour of it’s Capitol. It didn’t rely on hot men, (although Gale and Peetah’s portrayal is not bad), or overly CG’d girls. You can see every imperfection on Jenniffer Lawrence, but that didn’t matter. I loved the cliffhangers in the end of every chapter of Suzanne Collin’s books. They were intelligently thought out but the only thing that makes Twilight books look smart is the intimidating size of their hardcovers.