I Love Asian Snacks

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I may have grown up to be pretty Canadianized but the one thing I can’t leave behind is Asian snacks. All North American junk food cannot compare to the chocolate koala bears, flavoured Pocky sticks, ramune soft drinks, jelly cups and bizarre flavoured chips. The East was always ahead of the game in terms of adventurous snacks.

I found a Korean grocery store across from work and now my desk is stashed full of treats. What are your favourite treats as a kid (or even now)?

Miniature Burger Kit by Happy Kitchen

IMG_7392-EditI couldn’t resist when I saw this miniature burger kit by Kracie’s Happy Kitchen when I was at Pacific Mall.

IMG_7393IMG_7395 IMG_7394
As always, the instructions were entirely in Japanese so I colour matched all the packages.

IMG_7396There were many packages of powders and I actually did it wrong at first because there were many orange ones. I ended up having to compare the text on the packaging with the instructions instead. The set needed the microwave to form the fries, bun and patties.

The result was a set that resembled a miniature McDonalds meal and strangely tasted like it too! The fries were salted, burgers meaty and soft drink fizzy. It was strange yet fascinating at the same time.

IMG_7403You can watch me make the burgers in my vlog.

Candy Sushi By Poppin’ Cookin’

One of my Christmas goodies from my sister Livia and her boyfriend Paul was this Poppin’ Cookin’ candy sushi kit. I’ve posted about a few of these kits previously but this is the first I’ve bought that is supposed to resemble real food. There’s another one out there that looks like ramen but I haven’t been able to find it ever again.

Inside the box there are various powders in coloured packaging and a plastic dish to mix all the ingredients. The instructions on the back are all in Japanese so if it weren’t for the colour coding, I would have no idea what I was supposed to be doing. Luckily the pictures were clear enough. The plastic wrap for the container also had molding guides for shaping the “seaweed” and “rice” elements.

My sushi didn’t look as appetizing as the ones on the box but it was a lot of fun to make. The most interesting part was dropping one liquid into another to create the fishballs. In terms of the taste of the actual candy, it was very sweet.

Every colour was a different flavour so if you took a full bite of actual sushi it would be like eating a fistfull of different colour gummy bears.  There was even fake soy sauce which I thought was hilarious. The fishballs  resembled those fruit balls you can get at Froyo places.

These kits are such a fascinating idea. I must hunt down the ramen one and see if there are any others. I’m not a fan of eating them but making them is a lot of fun. I wonder if there are other brands or even the American equivalents.

This is Not Cheesecake

I bought this package of Pocky yesterday. I had assumed they were cheesecake flavour based on the colour of the box.

However, I assure you they are not. They were much lighter and lemony tasting. It reminded me of Italian biscotti. That would explain the back of the box:

Why then was there a picture of a cheesecake on the front of the box? I’ll never know, as I cannot read in any Asian language. Maybe one of you know what this box says?

Bubblegum Adventure Time

I had a pretty DIY Valentine’s Day this year. It started with the Pinterest inspired card but what we did on Valentine’s night was pretty crafty as well. We found these boxes of what looked at the time like some kind of edible play-doh in-a-box at the Asian grocery store:

I thought that they were going to be like the powder cupcake and donut set. However when we opened it, there was mini packets of bubblegum, sprinkles and a stick to use as a rolling-pin.

DIY Valentines: Pinterest Inspired

Me and my boyfriend didn’t really want to make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day, especially since we’re still both in job hunt mode. I decided to look to Pinterest for some DIY card designs. Here is the front of the card I made:

Text says: "I hope you'll always be there to eat my green Skittles"

The paper heart was inspired by this love note pin. The skittles represent a chapter in the beginning of our relationship. Before we dated, when we had just started talking, I was eating a pack of Skittles and told him I hated the green ones. I also blurted out that I would love the boy who would eat my green Skittles. He told me he liked green Skittles. It’s funny because we had not even thought of each other as date-able material at that point but it’s one of our first memories as friends.

Miniature Candy Cupcakes and Donuts

We were in T&T Asian Supermarket and found sets of these things that made instant candy versions of food. There was everything from candy ramen to random things like dinosaurs but we chose to do cupcakes and donuts because they seemed the most fun to decorate

Skittles Addiction: A Review of the Other Flavours

This post is in no way endorsed by Skittles. I wish it was, and I could have an unlimited supply of them.

I don’t exactly remember if it was out of boredom or if it was all the fault of @vseanv but I have been reunited with my favourite hard candies, and rather addicted. The school vending machine had the Sour, Blenders and Crazy Core Skittles so I had all of these this week. Today I had a giant pack of the original. I love the predictable flavours of cherry, orange and grape. Lemon and lime I’m not really a fan of, so I gave them away.

As I learned this week, everyone has different tastes and different preferences for flavours, but I’m going to review some of the other packs.