San Diego Coffee: Dutch Chocolate


My sister gifted me a Bodum French Press set for Christmas that has a coffee bean grinder and hot water boiler. Now I’m excited to explore the world of coffee beans.

My first bag was San Diego Coffee’s “Dutch Chocolate” flavour, that I ordered on Amazon. It’s a Medium Roast of 100% Arabica beans. Though I’m still working out the perfect way to use the French Press, I found this coffee very smooth and light. The chocolate came through the most when the only thing added was cream. I found sugar competed with the flavours and this coffee didn’t need to be sweetened (a plus since I’m trying to cut adding sugar to coffee).

What’s your favourite coffee bean? I’m open to suggestions!

Savanna Dry 

I recently picked up some Savanna Dry Cider from the LCBO. I love ciders and I always get excited when there are ones I haven’t seen in stock.

Made in Belgium, the Dry cider is not sweet, it is appropriately tart and crisp. It is 5% alcohol, so not too strong and something refreshing to have with a meal or drink on it’s own.

Forbidden Dry Cider

I found the perfect dry cider to go work Dungeons and Dragons!

Craft Brews: Grow a Pear, Lemon Tea Beer, Hopping Mad, Peach Mead

I love trying craft brews, especially the ones with awesome packaging and branding. Here are a few that I picked up recently.


Grow A Tree pear cider from Double Tree brewing. This one was sweet but had a tartness that made it stand out from other pear ciders which are usually way too sweet.


This Mill Street Lemon Tea Beer was smoother than regular beer but I honestly couldn’t really taste the lemon in it.


Central City’s Hopping Mad Cider Radler was an cool blend of apple and grapefruit. It was kind of like fruit punch and went down super easy.


I bought this Peach Mead for Nash by The Trafalgar Club. If you want to feel a buzz this thing is like 8.5%. It’s a beautiful blend of honey and peach and recommended you drink this one chilled.

Maple Porter, Seagram Apple Cider, Hopsta La Vista


I had the pleasure of visiting the Summerhill LCBO, which is like the biggest LCBO I have ever seen. It even has a huge craft beer alcove dedicated to located craft beers. They even have growlers. I decided to pick up a few tall cans I had not seen anywhere else. First I tried the Maple Porter made with real Canadian maple syrup. It really lived by it’s name as there was a hint of maple in every sip. Fans of darker beer may enjoy this one for it’s sweetness. Not sure why I started the evening with this one as it is a heavy hitter.


Anyways, next was this Seagram apple cider. It was sweet and not dry.


I legitimately bought this India Pale Ale because it had a dude that looked like my friend’s face on it. It contained nice hops but was very smooth and light at the same time. It had sweet notes but also had a malty side.

Game @ Antler


If you’ve got a hunger for game, Antler Kitchen & Bar is a must try. The restaurant prides itself on fresh regional ingredients and wild foods. The restaurant is run by Chef Michael Hunter, who is known for hunting his own food.

I ordered the Spice Ash Crusted Rack of Deer on top of a braised shoulder and parsnip purée. The meat was so tender and melted in my mouth. The purées had a silk texture that made me want to lick the plate.


My cousin who was with me ordered the night’s special, a duo of duck: braised and seared. There was also kale and squash I believe. I stole some bites and it was all very delicious.


To drink I sipped on the Blood Fashioned. I have a new habit of trying every place’s take on the Old Fashioned lately. This one had Blood Orange, Appleton’s Rum, Bitters and Demerara Sugar. It went down easier than most old fashioned but with a decent amount of alcohol!


We definitely couldn’t leave without trying dessert and they had some weird things like “Foraged Cedar Infused Ice”, which we didn’t order. Mostly because paying for wood-tasting ice seemed silly. Instead I went for the White Spruce Scented Ricotta Cheesecake. It was very light and heavenly and did have a hint of forest wood, but it went strangely well with the wild berrie preserve and hazelnut crust. Maybe next time I will go for that ice!


We also had the beautiful Caramel Crab Apple Tart with a smoked cheddar cheese crumble and vanilla ice cream. There was so many flavours in each bite.

A reservation is recommended if you go to the Antler (we did have one) as it filled up even on a weeknight. I’m not surprised though, we loved everything about our meal!

Antler Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Deep Tea Diver


I have a new member of the Fred and Friends family! I won this little guy at Yankee Swap with my blogger brunch crew over the weekend.


This tea infuser has an oxygen tank and a little plate to sit it on. How adorable. One day I will have the entire line of Fred & Friends in my kitchen.


Cracked Apple Cider With Spiced Rum


Continuing my quest to try all the ciders I could find, I stumbled on Cracked Apple Cider with Spiced Rum. I found it resembled more of a mixed rum drink than cider, any hint of apple was overshadowed by rum and spices. It’s not really sour, spicy or sweet. Not sure if I would get this one again.

Black Creek Pumpkin Ale


Fall is a popular time for pumpkin ale so I’ve been trying what I can found. Recently I tried Black Creek Brewery’s pumpkin ale. I found it very malty and the taste of pumpkin and spices were pretty faint. It definitely smelled stronger than it tasted.

County Cider


This County Cider is sold in what looks like a pop bottle. It’s a dry cider, a lot like the pear one that I tried a few posts back. It’s crisp but not as apple-tasting as I would have expected. At 6.5% though, I think I will continue drinking it until Stephen Harper is not Prime Minister anymore.