Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

I love pulled pork. It’s one of those things I’ll try every time I see it on a menu in a restaurant I haven’t been in. Yesterday, I decided to attempt it to make it myself in a slow cooker and it turned out pretty delicious!

Cheeseburger Soup Trial!

I was intrigued by this Cheeseburger Soup Recipe I had found through Pinterest so I decided to try it this weekend with my boyfriend.

It was pretty delicious. The soup tasted like a variation of cream of potato (well it is a variation), but it left you with an aftertaste of a cheeseburger. The concept was interesting. We didn’t follow all the ingredients exactly, but it still turned out tasty.

We pretty much doubled some of the recommended ingredients including the beef. We also used slightly more potato, cheese and sour cream. The cheese we used was not Velveeta, we opted to use a real block of mild cheddar. I didn’t have any celery and carrots in the house so we did without those.

My little sister is a picky eater at times but she had multiple bowls of it! It’s a definite must try if you are as fascinated by it as I was. Next time I’d definitely add some bacon. Bacon Cheeseburger Soup sounds even better does it not?

Pinterest: Tasty Visual Addiction

I’ve recently become quite addicted to the visual pleasures that make up new social networking site Pinterest. You might ask.. “WTF.. isn’t it just like Tumblr?”. The truth is, it’s not.

Eat Happy

I love food and it’s a big part of my social life. I literally have made friends at school because we shared meals together or conversed with them about foods. I love burgers, bacon, poutine, cupcakes, anything healthy/unhealthy that is delicious.

Gourmet Food and Wine Expo 2011 Review

Thanks to Lisa from Turn the Record Over, I won tickets to opening night of the Gourmet Food and Wine Expo.

I went for the food since I’m not much of a wine-o. How the expo works is there is an entrance ticket (which I won) and you must purchase sample tickets to try things. From what I saw yeseterday, tastings of food and wine cost anything from 1-8 tickets. Tickets are worth $1 each. Between me and Nash we had $40 worth, which was more than enough to get full off food and have enough for a couple of drinks.

Do You Put the Tea Bag In Before or After?

When you are making tea, do you put the tea bag in before or after you pour the hot water? Just a curious question. Maybe you do it differently every time, that’s plausible too. I’m a tiny bit OCD so I have always put the tea bag in before.

I think I do this because I like a strong tasting tea and putting it allows the water to hit the bag and for the tea to saturate water more. Whereas if I put it in after I would have to move the bag up and down in the water or poke at it with a spoon to get the same effect.

A thing you may or may not know about me is I have a weird interest in cognitive science and how minds work. So naturally, I did some random research on the topic and summarized all the similar findings. Here is what your tea making techniques might say about your personality:

Food Truck Eats: Mississauga Edition Review

Ever since I’ve seen Food Network’s Eat Street, I have been waiting for gourmet food trucks to grace the streets of the GTA. I wanted something more than just the mere hotdog stand (not that those aren’t delicious too).

This year, Toronto started the Food Truck Eats events in the Distillery District. I had missed it in Toronto, but was lucky enough to hear that Mississauga was taking part on this event. They didn’t have quite the amount of trucks, but it was a blast!
I made an effort to try something from every food truck. I split everything with my boyfriend, and went to all the trucks starting with the savoury trucks from left to right. Then came back for the desert ones at the end. Everything was a bit pricey, ended up dropping atleast $50, but delicious novelty has a price.

Skittles Addiction: A Review of the Other Flavours

This post is in no way endorsed by Skittles. I wish it was, and I could have an unlimited supply of them.

I don’t exactly remember if it was out of boredom or if it was all the fault of @vseanv but I have been reunited with my favourite hard candies, and rather addicted. The school vending machine had the Sour, Blenders and Crazy Core Skittles so I had all of these this week. Today I had a giant pack of the original. I love the predictable flavours of cherry, orange and grape. Lemon and lime I’m not really a fan of, so I gave them away.

As I learned this week, everyone has different tastes and different preferences for flavours, but I’m going to review some of the other packs.

Advertising Asparagus

Here’s another post on a random Business Ethics assignment. It was about creating advertisements that tell the truth. In class our definition of advertising is

“placing a message in a medium to influence an idea, product or service”

We’re blasted with ads everywhere we go day to day on billboards, TV, radio but almost all of them have some sort of exaggerated truth. Often the ads we remember the most are those with some kind of emotional appeal. As an assignment this week we were sent home with the task of making kids eat asparagus, without lying. The healthy side-effects of asparagus however aren’t very appealing (except maybe that it makes your pee smell). Otherwise, the normal kid don’t really care about heart disease, PMS symptoms or being fertile. I decided to avoid the use of any facts in general and came up with this:

I made a flash game where kids create their own “Asparagus Dinner”. No matter what you do, the asparagus will always be on the top. It’s full of smiling food and except for the little bit about a healthy heart, avoids any other facts to avoid lying.

How would you advertise asparagus to kids?

What is Your Comfort Food?

I’ve been having a rough week or so with exams stress and my Grammy passing away and what really got me through it was junk food. The strange thing about the “junk” I eat, is most of the time I actually get up and make it myself. French Onion Soup, chips, Hot and Spicy Instant Noodles. Occasionally on the list is a gourmet burger. No, not one from McDonalds, one made of certified hot and and juicy Angus beef.

Something I always wanted to know is what is it about foods that make us feel better? I’ve read it is because the certain foods we crave are familiar, but I’m Asian and I know “French Onion Soup” isn’t something I should typically be craving. Most things I crave are in the category of fatty foods that probably have lots of carbohydrates and sugars that stimulate the brain into making it feel better. Usually its the flavor and the salt that I want the most. At least I have been blessed with a fast metabolism, or else I’d be a blimp.

There is more than just the flavor that gives me happiness from compulsive eating. There is the joy in making the delicious junk yourself, as with my Microwave Potato chips (which I will give you all the recipe in a future post) or the French Onion Soup. It’s a release from the everyday stresses. For me it is really one of my only escapes. I go to school to study music business, and I come home to blog about it. Sadly, I lost a little of the joy in it a long the way. I hope that the Christmas break will help me rediscover my love for it again. When I’m cooking, I don’t think what’s going on in my life, otherwise I would get distracted and burn something. It’s a nice escape.

So what’s your comfort food? Mine narrows down to salt and flavor, and lot’s of it. Is yours the same? or is it chocolate or something really bizarre? I want to know!