James Cheese Back Ribs

I discovered the existence of James Cheese Back Ribs from a cheese-filled video from BlogTo on Facebook. I had been thinking about it ever since, so I finally hit it up with my cousin. Of course, we couldn’t go to the place without ordering the signature platter with corn, omelet, sweet potato, veggies with ribs and cheese on a hot platter. There was the option of mild, spicy and super spicy and we chose the middle.

Of course, we had to film our own cheese pulling video (after some instruction from a staff member):

The ribs had a heat, but it went really well with the creamy, pan toasted cheese. It might sound weird stretching mozzarella across ribs, but now I feel like I can’t eat ribs any other way. I didn’t care much for the other sides in the platter, but we figured out we could dip it all in the rib sauce and leftover cheese, so it was all eaten.

There were 3 of us, so we thought a few small appetizers would please our stomachs. The Signature Fried Corn Squid had a flavourful chili mayo and I enjoyed the sweetness in the corn batter.

We also couldn’t resist something called Mini Korean McRibs, which was kind of like an imitation of its namesake on a fluffy steamed bun.

The whole meal was delicious and it’s worth the visit for the cheese ribs alone.


Mexican Food @ Border MX

Last week, my sister and I hit up Border MX’s new location in Streetsville. There was a bachelorette party celebrating that night with a lot of fancy drinks so I had to order one of my own Bulldog.

To start we shared a ceviche tosta. The fish was fresh and flavourful on top a crunchy chip.

I also ordered some guacomole which was unfortunately too mushy. I like my guacomole thick. I felt like they over blended the avocado or something and it was a bit watery.

Their specialty was Baja Fish tacos which they claimed were the “Best in Mississauga”. While I thought the fish was nicely cooked, there was an off-putting bitter taste. We were trying to figure out what was bitter and I think it might’ve been the cabbage, like they cut too close to the stem. I was disappointed, as it definitely doesn’t live up to the name (unless they are the only Baja fish taco in Mississauga).

Overall, I don’t know if I would come back for the food, but it is a great place to have drinks!

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Supporting Local: Italian-American Dinner @ Sugo

Sugo is a relatively new Italian-eatery in our neighbourhood near Bloor & Lansdowne. The atmosphere is very casual and inviting for families, something that is still a bit lacking in the area. They feature a lot of Italian-American classics like pasta and parm sandwiches and focus on the importance of good sauce.

I had the Rigatoni (pictured above) which was a pink sauce that had a spicy kick with grana padano cheese. It took a while to get the pasta, but it was totally worth the wait. The sauce was so good I wanted to lick my plate.

Nash had the Veal Sandwich with a super stretchy muzzarella and a generous amount of sauce.

I also couldn’t resist mozzarella sticks with marina sauce.

To drink I had a Americano Cocktail: Campari, Vermouth Rosso, Soda.

Nash had the classic Manhattan: Rye, Vermouth Rosso, bitters, cherry.

What I loved about Sugo was that it was good quality food without breaking the bank. Our bill was around $50, which is a decent price for both dinner and drinks. Welcome to the neighbourhood Sugo!

Lobster @ Salty’s (Halifax)

When I was in Halifax for a day, I had to have seafood by the pier, so I stopped by Salty’s. The restaurant is a bit weird because it has a formal upstairs section with a different menu and a more casual downstairs. We opted for the lower floor because it didn’t break the bank (in comparison).

I had to start with fresh oysters. They were a bit more expensive than in New Brunswick, but totally worth it.

I had to get the basic boiled lobster with butter. For the price, it was smaller than the one at Paturel, but it was fresh and succulent.

I paired the food with a tasty caesar. I enjoyed my food but I think this place was a bit high-priced, but understandable since it was a touristy area.

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Lobster at Paturel’s Shore House

Shediac is the lobster capital of Canada, so I just had to know where was the best place to go! After some thorough research, we drove to Paturel’s Shore House.

I wanted my lobster fresh and dipped in butter. The waitress highly recommended it served cold instead of hot. I took her suggestion. Cold lobster comes off the shell super easily, so I didn’t have trouble getting the tasty globs of meat out. Even without the butter, it tasted like it was naturally salted by the sea. It was so good I sucked this thing bone dry (including the head!).

I also got half a dozen oysters which were reasonably priced at $12. These were smooth and like the lobster seasoned by the seas.

I couldn’t resist a caesar with my seafood. They did the classic drink justice.

I loved this place. All our food was delicious (we had a picky eater in our group that tried other non-lobster food). They had a lot of kitchy decorations but the overall feeling felt upscale and not entirely touristy. In fact, the people sitting the table beside us sold me beer at the liquor store a few hours before. You know this place is good when the locals go here too!

It was raining, otherwise we would’ve sat on the patio because this view was gorgeous:

This place is a must, if you’re looking to eat seafood in Shediac!

Seafood @ Coywolf

I’m currently in Sackville for SappyFest and even though the town is tiny, there’s still some cool places to eat I didn’t manage to try last year. Last night, I hit up Coywolf Bistro & Oyster bar with my friend.

Oysters were a must (after all it is an oyster bar). They were $2.50 each and we were served two different kinds. I liked the smaller ones we were served (I forgot where they were from).

As my main, I had a “sea czar” salad with salmon, mussels, crab, and bacon. I found the fish a bit salty but the rest was perfect.

My friend had a heaping pile of mussels and frites.

To drink, I had their take on a negroni, which had a hint of pine in it.

It’s nice to have a little bistro in this quaint town. Hope to be back for more oysters when I’m back for the festivl.

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Bandit Brewery

I went to Bandit Brewery recently for a flight of beers and some snacks. The place has a raccoon theme so all their glasses have faces and you can even buy fun posters of the beer labels in their Bottle Shop.

I had a flight of four beers: I had the Citra, Hoppelganger, Mr. Pink and Dundas West IPA. They serve it in the order that they recommend you drink them. My favourite was Mr. Pink, a flavourful hibiscus and ginger pale ale.

It was around lunch time, so I had a few snacks: Fresh Cut Russets and Beer Battered cheese curds.

The cheese curds with homemade ranch dressing were to die for and the perfect beer snack. The fries were covered in parmesan and a served with a lovely garlic mayo.

I loved the concept of this brewery and they even have funny identifications of their patrons!

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Ajuker Chicken

A lot of Korean restaurants look the same near Christie but Ajuker Chicken, specializes in chicken dishes, especially fried. However, I had a lot of fried food for lunch so I wanted to try their healing ginseng chicken soup. The broth was relatively thin, but flavourful and comforting. The bird was stuff with rice, ginseng, dates and garlic.

My friend had a spicy chicken and rice dish with vegetables. It was generously seasoned and did not hold on the spice.

Like many traditional meals, we were served side dishes including bean sprouts, sea weed salad, kimchi and salted beans. We quite liked our food and next time will try the fried chicken!

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Poke Wrap

I love Poke, so I’m definitely down to try new places. Poke Wrap is more known for their Sushi Burritos, but I find the concept of those a little weird. Isn’t it just a sushi roll that is uncut?

The good thing is here you can have all the ingredients in a burrito or a bowl. I had the Alaskan bowl which had: White Tuna, Soy Sesame, Creamy Wasabi, Onions, Sesame Seeds, Spring Onions, Corn, Masago, Avocado, White Cabbage, Carrots, Nori. It came together nicely and tasted fresh.

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Burgers @ Les Trois Garçons

During my Sunday in Quebec City, I stopped by a local burgery (is that a word?) named Les Trois Garçons for lunch. I ordered a burger called Les Charlevoix with double AAA ground beef paties, 1608 and Hercule cheese from Charlevoix, fried and carmelized onions, artisanal bacon and a bourbon BBQ sauce which was so tasty. This burger was perfect and juicy.

I had a drink called The Canadian and it was kind of like an old fashioned with a hint of maple syrup.

There were around 15 burgers on the menu but I only had time to try the one. Guess I’ll have to make it back to Quebec sometime!
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