I Tried Charcoal Ice Cream

It was -5 degrees Celcius on Friday, but the upside was that there was finally no line at iHalo Krunch, Toronto’s first charcoal ice cream place.

I felt it was sacrilegious to go there and not get at least partially black ice cream so I got the ube nut, which combines both the ube (purple) and black coconut ice cream. Another plus is that it looked nice for Instagram. I loved the flavour of ube, which is a popular yam-like ingredient in Filipino desserts.

The cone also has charcoal, and the very bottom was stuffed with marshmallow Fluff, and prevented the ice cream from dripping. I’m glad I didn’t have to line up for this, but it doesn’t disappoint either way!

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Jagabee Lightly Salted Potato Crisps

I found something better chips. FRIES?! Or at least this tastes eerily (or close enough) like fries. They are even crispy like all the time and perfectly salted. They are somewhat hard to find and seem to be out of stock a lot at the Asian grocery store. I must stock cabinets full of these.

When you go get ice cream too much..

You know you go to your favourite ice cream store too much when you end up on their Instagram! Lansdowne Cone is hands down one of the best ice cream parlours in the city. Their no-nonsense flavours are the best. It’s not about toppings. It’s all about the ice cream.

They also make an effort to hire youth with disabilities, which I think is awesome. Like I need an excuse to eat more ice cream. Hahaha.

It’s Ice Cream Season!

I eagerly awaited the seasonal opening of my local ice cream store and made my first visit of the year this weekend. Lansdowne Cone is one of my favourites and I’m happy to have it so close by.

If you’re lucky enough to have independent ice cream shops, support them!

Kracie Pizza Kit

I haven’t done one of these weird candy kit things in a while, and I just couldn’t resist the Pizza one.

This one had many different powder packages, as well as instructions to cut out the designs on the plastic wrap to use as fun pizza boxes and accessories.

My result was not as pretty as the perfectly round ones on the box! The pizza and fries were baked in the microwave for a short amount of time. It allowed the “cheese” to melt and dough to harden a bit.

This one was equally as bizarre as the Mini Burger set. I made a veggie pizza and one that had something that tasted like meat. The “vegetables” on the pizza was a colourful bag of dots that tasted like vegetable chips. The fries tasted like fries. The drink was a fizzy grape drink. The pizza sauce and cheese, did taste real too, with a hint of sweetness. It was all very strange. These are always funnier to make than they are to eat!

Green Tea Kit Kats & Chalet Sauce Lays

I’m on a bit of a weird snack binge lately with Green Tea Kit Kats & Swiss Chalet’s Chalet Sauce Lays. Both are unique and addictive in their own ways.

What weird snacks are you into?

Kracie DIY Donut Kit


Time for another DIY kit post! This time I made Kracie’s Doughtnuts. This one didn’t have any microwaving involved. At least that’s what I gathered from the instructions (I can’t read Japanese but there were no pictures of microwaves).


There were the typical packets of powder that turned into dough and icing. There was also sprinkles and crunchy bread-crumb like things.

These are what my donuts looked like after the mold. There was a vanilla and chocolate dough. As you can see mine are far from perfect!


And finally here they are after I decorated it with icing, and sprinkles. Doesn’t it look like a five year old did this? It’s all the same once they make it in my mouth anyway!

Like all the kits, the eeriliy taste like the thing they are supposed to be. So doughnuts. Nuts right?

Dutch Dreams Making Wishes Come True


One of my goals of yesterday was to finally visit Dutch Dreams, which I’ve always passed by and looks like a child’s dream castle. There are giant ice cream cones and cows outside as decor.


Inside is just as magical from top to bottom.


There are funny things hanging from the sitting and placed all over the place. Besides ice cream Dutch Dreams also has imported drinks and candy. Look at those giant pixie sticks!


I was there for the ice cream of course and was presented with a wide selection of waffle cones.


I went with a half scoop of Birthday Cake (which had pieces of cake in it), and half scoop Caramel Turtle ice cream inside an Oreo waffle cone. Each one comes with toppings consisting of whipped cream, fruit and cotton candy. It’s kind of insane that both of these are only consider half scoops.

I’m so happy Dutch dreams exists to make my ice cream dreams come true. This totally beats out Sweet Jesus for both Instagram worthiness and their huge selection of ice cream flavours.

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Sriracha Chips


I found these official looking Sriracha chips at Bulk Barn and I was so excited. There’s a lot of generic Sriracha chips out there but this was the only one I have found that has the actual rooster brand on it.

These chips taste like BBQ kettle chips, crunchy, with a kick! There’s definitely a hint of all the things that make Sriracha great: the garlicy spiciness.

Sweet Jesus Pt. 2

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Took my cousin to @sweetjesus4life 🍦🍦🍦

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I returned to Sweet Jesus with my cousin before it got too cold because I wanted to try some more of their insane cones.


I had the cookies and cream cone chocked full of Oreo goodness!


My cousin tried the Krusty the Cone, the most Instagram worthy thing in the store. It’s a little on the sweet side since it is all sugary stuff after all!