Sudbury Ribfest

We happened to be in Sudbury during Ribfest, so we got a half rack from Boss Hog’s BBQ.

Over there, a half-rack is generous, so we were too full after sharing this to try anything else.

We also had some Pappy’s Olde Fashioned Soda. I liked the grape and orange flavours. Butter beer was a bit too sweet. It tasted like butterscotch!

What I ate at River & Sky #tianaeatsfestivals

River & Sky had a few vendors to keep us alive all weekend. The first place I visted was a vegetarian taco place called Tucos. I ordered a “phish” taco which was beer battered avocado, cabbage, cilantro and crema.

They also had this healthy juice made from orange, carrot, melon, pineapple, rhubarb, lemon, ginger and apple.

Club Fisher served up fire oven pizzas. This pepperoni and cheese pizza was thin and cheesily delicious.

Doggin’ served up the most delicious dry rub ribs that were cooked for hours.

They also had locally made sausages that were quick and delicious. I can’t help but add all the fixings on top.

Lastly, I couldn’t resist getting an ice cream sandwich from Sharquhar’s, a stand that also had a roaming bicycle selling the ice cream throughout the festival.

What I Ate At Festival d’été

I was in Quebec for two days to attend Festival d’été. I explored food in the city a little bit (which I will post separately), but I did grab some food truck eats at the festival to continue my #tianaeatsfestivals hashtag.

Food trucks are still a relatively new thing in Québec, as they had local bylaws to change before they could have them, so there wasn’t a giant amount of choice. I did snag a bison grilled cheese sandwich from a nomadic truck called SAGA that was delicious.

On the second day, I had some Thai popcorn shrimp from a truck called Food Fighters 504.

It’s fun to see what food truck fare is like in different cities. The lines were super long for all of them. Here’s hoping more come to Quebec soon!

Bobbie Sue’s Mac + Cheese 

Over the weekend, I went to Bobbie Sue’s Mac and Cheese Stand for the first time.
I ordered the Carbonara mac which had pancetta and grana padano. The pancetta gave it a saltiness and the cheese was like a parmesan from a different part of Italy. The dish was very flavouful. I only had the small portion but it was all I needed.

Bobbie Sue's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Ever since I started going to music festivals, I’d post about the food I ate.

I decided that I needed my own Instagram hashtag so over the weekend I made myself #tianaeatsfestivals and retroactively tagged a bunch of past posts. You can find my food adventures there.

My favourite find this yer were these Parmesan tater tots from Toben Food by Design:

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Parmesan truffle tater tots #tianaeatsfestivals

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In Ontario, it’s getting harder to find stuff I haven’t previously tried!

What I Ate At TURF 2016

Now that TURF post you’ve all been waiting for! Here’s what I ate at the festival.


Delight fries from Delight Bite. It was fries with mayo and oregano. It was super simple but pretty good.


Mango peach fish tacos from 50 Pesos. This was definitely my favourite new eat of the weekend. The fish was perfectly fried and there was a perfect combination of sweetness and textures.


I really wanted to like this Apple Pie Waffle from Sweet Teeth Vegan, but I thought the lack of egg made the waffle kind of lifeless. The toppings helped saved it though as the candied apples, nuts and vegan soft serve were actually delicious.


This Jerk Chicken Mango Salad from Come and Get It was light and refreshing to have in between fried meals.


Smoothe Operator refreshed me with a lemonade.


So did this Cucumber, lime, mint grapefruit popsicle from my favourite place The Pop Stand.


Mill Street and Hop City Brewing had a free samples station on site.


Of course I couldn’t resist Indian Tacos from The Flying Chestnut Kitchen at every festival.


Chocolate & Vanilla cannolis from Holy Cannoli were a must eat.


I also tried a Guinness Gingerbread popsicle from The Pop Stand.


Iroquois Kettle Corn’s white cheddar flavour was highly addictive.


This fried shrimp and fries combo from Mustache Burger was a bit too much fried stuff in one go.

What I Ate at Camp Wavelength


I almost forgot to post about the yummy goodies I had at Camp Wavelength. This year they expanded their food choices a bit so there was more than just burgers.


Of course I couldn’t resist getting some delicious popsicles from The Pop Stand.


I had so many I can’t remember the flavours of all of them!

DSCF2490Pulled Pork tacos from Monarch Tavern


Food Dude’s signature grilled cheese: soft brie, cheddar cheese, brioche, compound butter, FD smoked tomato ketchup, grana panada snow


Maple bacon donuts from Sugar Mama’s 


Ribs & pasts from Monarch Tavern


Spicey Caesar (only available Sunday)


Burger from Monarch Tavern


What I Ate At Hillside

Hillside was full of so many local eats. Here’s what I ate over the weekend.


Flying Chesnut Kitchen had a dozen oysters for $20 so I had 2 dozen on the weekend. They were PEI oysters and super fresh.


Of course you can’t visit Flying Chesnut without having an Indian Taco! They even had breakfast ones in the morning with sausage and eggs.


Rodolfo’s Rebel Foods had a chimichanga platter with salad and nachos!


Delicious liquid chocolate was available at ChocoSol. It was served cold to cool patrons off from the hot weather.


Two Men and a Grill had bahn mi sandwiches that used kimchi as the pickled vegetables.


I bought this random giant pickle from a guy selling giant pickles.


I couldn’t resist getting a grilled corn at Sausage Brothers.


The ChocoSol stand also had delicious tamales topped with fresh vegetables and roasted pumpkin seeds.


Cashew chicken, mango salad and rice from LemonGrass Thai Food.


Lastly, I couldn’t resist getting a full order of nachos from Rodolfo’s.

Now a few more days until I eat the next festival away!

NXNE Eats & Stuffs

Last weekend, I was at NXNE. It’s a festival I’ve been going to since before I was even old enough to go to shows.

I used to volunteer and used to think it was some of the best times ever hopping between clubs to see bands. This year it wasn’t like that.DSCF1154

There were very few club shows and they also introduced a 2 day festival within a festival that happened near Port Lands in a gigantic (an understatement) parking lot. 30 degree weather made it kind of unbearable but I still found ways to enjoy my time, including finding a photo booth of course!


There wasn’t too much in terms of food but I did have 3 tacos from La Catrina food truck.  They had a 3 taco combo for $12. I picked pork, chicken and fish. I liked the filing but I thought the taco could use some toasting.


The other place I ate at was a BBQ stand beside the Texas Tourism sponsors.


I had this delicious chopped brisket sandwich. They literally chopped a slab of meat right in front of me and slathered it in BBQ sauce. Can’t go wrong with brisket!

That was most of my eating at that festival. There wasn’t a huge selection of food choices (the first day only had 3) and I had tried most of the other selections. Onto eat the next thing!


Bestival 2016 Eats


Bestival happened this weekend and I had a few snacks while there. Here are a few of the things I stuffed my face with. The first was Eva’s Original Chimney in Apple Pie. It was an ice cream in a donut-like pastry and it was filled with apple pie stuffing. It felt like a warm hug.


This Jerk Chicken Mac and Cheese (forgot the truck name) was ok, a little on the cold side but full of delicious chicken and peas.



A panda from Tokyo Smoke made me a latte shaped out of a panda out of their mobile coffee shop that was bicycle powered.


Lastly, I had this delicious and juicy Jerk Chicken & Mango sandwich from Come and Get It.

I’m coming for you Toronto food trucks!