Sometimes you just need to pet a dog

Having pets does totally calm me down when I’m anxious. It’s nice to have had an extended weekend with the family, where I could spend more time with Teddy.

Happy 6th Birthday Teddy!

I can’t believe Teddy turns 6 this year. He’s essentially grown up with this blog.

Though he lives in the suburbs with my parents and I’m downtown, I love that our family had our lives change for the better because of this little fluff ball. There’s no love as positive as that of a dog each time they see you.

Here’s some photos of my dog


In case you need a smile. Here’s a photo of Teddy. The winter has been super grey but who can resist smiling at a dog?


Happy Chinese New Year!

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When your dog somehow understands Chinese New Year

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Happy Chinese New Year! I’m spending the day with my family and dog. Teddy somehow understands that there are goodies inside red envelopes and he gets his own too.

85mm Teddy

Here are some random photos of Teddy that I took with my 85mm on my 5D Mark IV. I’m still getting used to the camera but I can’t get over the gorgeous effect I get at f1.2 on a full frame.

065a0063 065a0067 065a0087 065a0187

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas! Hope your weekend has been filled with fun time with your loved ones.

Teddy’s Adventures

For those of you who love my dog Teddy, he has his own Instagram account! You can follow him at @bichonteddy.

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This white stuff is delicious

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Can I has? 🍔

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Digging for treasure in bed

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Dollarama Review: Dog Deer Costume


Dollarama has a wide variety of pet stuff including some Christmas costumes! Teddy became a reindeer without breaking the bank. The only con is they only have one size but we managed to squeeze both parts through his giant head.

How does he look?

Autumn Teddy 2

Here are some photos of Teddy I took on our autumn stroll with my iPhone 7 Plus. Here is the post with my DSLR for comparison.

In outdoor lighting this phone makes a killer camera.

img_5323 img_5327 img_5343 img_5350 img_5363 img_5385 img_5389 img_5391

Photos: Autumn Stroll

I went hiking with the dog somewhere in Milton last weekend. Here are some photos from my DSLR. I’ll be posting a second set tomorrow with photos from my iPhone 7 Plus so you guys can compare!